The European Union is warning about a disinformation campaign that is targeting COVID-19 vaccines developed in the West. China and Russia are engaged in such a campaign, and the European External Action Service (EEAS) issued a report covering the period from December to April 2021. It identifies a disinformation campaign against “vaccines developed in the West,” reported on April 28. 

The report denounces that “state-sponsored disinformation has intensified,” based “on the fact that COVID-19 cases continue to rise,” and “is being twisted to attack the EU’s response to the pandemic and portray it as a failure of democracies and open societies.”

It goes on to denounce Russia and the CCP in a quest to promote their own vaccines around the world. 

“The so-called “vaccine diplomacy” follows a zero-sum game logic and is combined with disinformation and manipulation efforts to undermine trust in Western-made vaccines, EU institutions and Western/European vaccination strategies,” the report specified.

It added: “Both Russia and China are using state-controlled media, networks of proxy media outlets and social media, including official diplomatic social media accounts, to achieve these goals.”

The report then cites more than 100 examples of disinformation interference issued from the Kremlin.

“Russian officials not only promote the Sputnik V vaccine but also engage in antagonistic messaging, using disinformation to accuse the West and the EU of sabotaging the Russian vaccine,” explains the EEAS.

In this context, the Chinese communist regime also promotes its vaccines as a “global public good,” highlighting the accessibility and stable supply of Chinese vaccines and presenting them as the most suitable for developing countries and the Western Balkans. 

But simultaneously, the CCP would be generating “misleading narratives to sow doubt about the safety of Western vaccines and the origin of the virus.”

However, the EEAS report gives priority as a regulator of the ‘veracity’ of information to Facebook, a network known for its strong leftist leanings and censorship of those who do not follow its narrative.

It also relies on the Open Democracy organization, linked to billionaire George Soros, widely shunned in many countries for its funding of the world’s leftist movements. 

These sources detract from the credibility of the information provided by the EEAS, adding a tendentious bias to it. It should be noted that all vaccines have caused adverse effects harmful to health, even causing the death of those who have received them. 

On the other hand, Italian journalist Cesar Sacchetti questions another of the EU’s attacks on Russia in recent times. 

“The EU Parliament has approved a resolution against Russia. The EU accuses Russia of “repressing” the opposition of Navalny, a convicted criminal financed by Soros. The resolution also blames Russia for spreading “disinformation” against the EU,” Sacchetti wrote in a series of tweets. 

He added: “The EU dictatorship, turned Europe into a detention camp where you can’t walk freely without a mask has the audacity to lecture Russia, where people are free.” 

To conclude by writing, “But wait. There’s more. Salvini’s party, Lega, which once praised Putin, voted for this resolution. Lega is the new Soros’ favorite party.”


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