Google’s video platform, YouTube, announced that in the past six months it removed 30,000 videos containing “misinformation” about the CCP Virus and vaccines, Axios reported.

YouTube began its efforts to censor any information that contradicts World Health Organization guidelines or directives in February 2020 and to date has removed 800,000 videos that defied the U.N.’s “official” information.

But it was only in October 2020 that the platform accelerated its censorship on the networks.

According to Axios there are at least 30% of Americans who doubt or are suspicious about the effectiveness of vaccines due to the amount of “misinformation” and “conspiracy theories” that “flood social media.”

According to a BBC report, any posts claiming that vaccines against the CCP Virus cause infertility, kill, or that a microchip (made by Bill Gates) is implanted along with it, are targets of YouTube censorship.

YouTube censorship is initially done automatically by artificial intelligence or by a human reviewer, and then there is another instance of review to confirm the “strike” that can end with the indefinite suspension of the channel.

Facebook also took similar measures.

Deaths from the Chinese virus vaccine

A collection of reports from various sources and witnesses recorded at least 3,900 deaths as a result of CCP Virus vaccines in the United States and Europe.

Most recently, a 39-year-old woman in Utah was reported to have died 4 days after receiving her second dose of CCP Virus vaccine. The story made headlines and authorities have requested an autopsy.

Disinformation or agenda?

In July last year, the son of former President Donald Trump posted a video on his Twitter account from a group called America’s Frontline Doctors, in which they claimed that hydroxychloroquine was the cure for the CCP Virus and that there was no need to even wear masks or resort to lockdowns.

Twitter and Facebook suspended Donald Trump Jr.’s account and YouTube censored the doctors’ group’s video.

However, on one of his programs on Fox News, conservative commentator Mark Levin interviewed a Yale University professor, Dr. Harvey Risch, who confirmed that hydroxychloroquine is highly effective in dealing with the Chinese virus.

The professor said, “The evidence is overwhelming” that patients who are treated early with this drug substantially reduce the risk of hospitalization and mortality.

Risch added, “There’s been a massive disinformation campaign that stretches from government to the media. That is either suppressing this message or is countering with a false message.”

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