The Iranian Revolutionary Guard arrested the person who posted the video of the Ukrainian plane shot down by a missile, which killed 176 people, according to Business Insider.

After denying guilt for the tragedy for several days, Iran was forced to admit it, yet is criticized for not offering an apology but trying to blame the United States for the disaster.

The plane was destroyed in mid-flight just a few hours after Iran attacked an Iraqi base with missiles that included American soldiers.

The Iranian government’s lies sparked a large wave of protests in several cities around the country, which were later suppressed and in some cases when the protesters were fired upon. 

As a result of these events, Resolution 791, which condemns the actions of the Iranian regime and supports the freedom and human rights of protesters in Iran, was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The resolution condemns the Iranian regime for the murder of some 1,500 Iranian protesters, the accidental downing of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, and the repeated lie about its role in the destruction of the commercial airline.

However, the Democrats refused to consider a vote on the resolution that supports Iranian citizens in their struggle for basic human and democratic rights.

In addition to the social problems, Iran is beset by disagreements over the failed nuclear pact it signed with France, Germany, the UK, and the United States—the United States left the group.

The three countries that still hold the pact with Iran accuse Tehran of “not respecting its commitments.”

They presented their complaints to the joint commission in charge of negotiating the disagreements, which has a period of 35 days to resolve the accusations presented.

If the matter is not resolved, the case will go to the UN Security Council, and if it remains unresolved, the sanctions that weighed on the Iranian regime before the agreement will be imposed again.

In addition to the first video showing the hit on the Ukrainian plane, other videos show that two missiles shot down the aircraft.