According to a press release from the German public prosecutor’s office, a 75-year-old man suspected of spying for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was arrested on July 5.

He is Dr. Klaus L., who, according to the state-owned media ARD Capital Studio, also spied for the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND).

Klaus was arrested fresh on return from Italy in his apartment and is accused by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of spying for the Chinese secret service and for being an agent of the BND for decades. The prosecutor filed charges against him at the Munich Higher Regional Court.

The detainee led a double life, on the one hand he was an employee of the Hanns Seidel Foundation related to the Christian Social Union of Bavaria (CSU) and on the other hand he spied for the BND. Now it has come to light that he was working as a double agent providing information to the CCP.

ARN Capital Studio reported that on Nov. 23, 2019, investigators showed up at Klaus’ home with a search warrant while he and his wife were leaving for Munich airport to travel to Macau, where they were to meet their Chinese bosses. The investigating officers searched the couple’s apartment and luggage and confiscated computers and a large amount of data media.

According to reports, the detainee claims to have informed the BND when the communist agents initially contacted him and claims that the German intelligence service encouraged him to get involved with a “let’s see what they want.” But after that occasion he never mentioned anything further about his connections to China. 

His first contact with the Chinese services was in mid-2010, at Tongji University in Shanghai, when he was about to retire.

Klaus’ relationship with the BND lasted more than 50 years and he was paid for the information he provided to the intelligence service. He had relationships with senior BND officials and the information he provided was very useful.

His work since 1980 for the Hanns Seidel Foundation allowed him to travel officially to different countries as a lecturer or with other tasks, which brought him into contact with important people of interest to the BND.

After retirement, Klaus became director of an “Institute for Transnational Studies” which is said to have been founded for him. He ran the institute from his home and also from a property in South Tyrol, which included a seminar room.

Although the BND does not want to talk about it, at events with international speakers, the state agency was always present and had contact with the invited speakers.

Returning to his work with the Chinese, they were responsible for equipping him with technology that allowed him to send encrypted information. It is believed that the information he delivered to the CCP was controversial and of great value.

It also appears that it was the intention of Chinese intelligence to place Klaus at the Munich-based World Uyghur Congress, but that the double agent did not accept.

German investigators believe Klaus should be in permanent custody because he could abscond.
This is not an isolated case. China is known to have infiltrated agents all over the world, not to forget Thomas Zimmerman—a special assistant on Biden’s National Security Agency staff—who served as a visiting fellow at a CCP agency that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) described as a recruiting pool for Chinese spies abroad.