The number of adverse reactions to the CCP Virus (COVID-19) experimental vaccines has soared to over 1.5 million injuries and 15k deaths of people, according to the latest data from Netherland-based EudraVigilance.

Health Impact News gathered and analyzed records from EudraVigilance, which revealed that as of June 19, the CCP Virus vaccines’ side effects had caused 15,472 deaths, leaving 1,509,266 people injured.

Compared to the data analyzed on May 22, the number of death cases has increased by over 3000, and as for injury cases, it was 4 million.

CCP Virus vaccine adverse reactions dated June 19, 2021. (EudraVigilance Screenshot via TheBL/Health Impact News)

The news outlet noted that the database was collected from 27 countries that belong to the European Union (EU). Which means that the actual number might be a lot higher if gathered all over Europe.

The staggering figures were recorded from patients who were administered the jab manufactured by AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Janssen Pharmaceuticals (Johnson & Johnson).

The report shows that AstraZeneca’s vaccine allegedly caused the highest number of injuries (793,036) from which the general disorders and nervous system disorders are the most two serious side effects that lead to most deaths and injuries.

BioNTech’s Pfizer was held accountable for 7,420 deaths and 560,256 injuries.

Meanwhile, Moderna was reported to have caused 4,147 people to lose their live and 122,643 others suffering post-vaccine reaction.

Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine still appears to be the safest vaccine based on the data, which shows the company accounted for 541 deaths and 33,331 injuries.

CCP Virus vaccine adverse reactions data on June 19, 2021. (EudraVigilance Screenshot via TheBL/Health Impact News)

EudraVigilance, which is funded by the European Medicines Agency, shows the highest number of deaths came from victims who showed symptoms of general disorders.

Along with that, many patients also suffered from gastrointestinal disorders, nervous system disorders, skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders, and musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders, according to the publication.