The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) conducted several military exercises in January in the vicinity of Taiwan in preparation for a possible war, according to reports.

Taiwan’s airspace was overflown for 30 days by People’s Liberation Army (PLA) military aircraft on different days in January, according to Taiwanese media.

The repeated violations of Taiwanese airspace have been deemed by the CCP’s media mouthpiece, the Global Times as “preparing to wage possible war through exercises.”

The CCP claimed the island as part of its territory. It believes that Taiwan’s democratically elected government is pushing the island toward a formal declaration of independence. However Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen has repeatedly said that the island is an independent nation.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian, on Jan. 28, during a monthly press briefing, asserted that Taiwan is an inseparable part of China, declaring that “independence means war.”

According to the Daily Mail, Qian said, “The military activities carried out by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in the Taiwan Strait are necessary actions to address the current security situation in the Taiwan Strait and to safeguard national sovereignty and security.”

The Chinese military aircraft were spotted entering Taiwanese airspace on a total of 30 different days last month, according to Taiwanese media, noted the Daily Mail.

Taiwan’s Liberty Times newspaper noted that Chinese fighter jets were detected Sunday three times intruding into the island’s southeastern airspace thanks to the Taiwan Air Force’s open radio communication and open-source flight trackers.

It means that there was only one day in January when the Chinese military was not observed by open source intelligence in the region, according to a report by Liberty Times.

Regarding the CCP’s intentions, during a program last Sunday with Fox News host, author and attorney Gordon Chang, noted, “Well, first of all, the Chinese are preparing for war.”

“They issued new amendments to its national defense law, effective the beginning of this year, which allows the Chinese military to mobilize without civilian control. And, indeed, many people say China is just bluffing. But history says that, when countries bluff and threaten war, they usually provoke one. So, therefore, all of these maneuvers against Taiwan, these threats against the U.S., they are consequential,” he continued.