After President Biden said that the Pope had called him “a good Catholic” and invited him to “continue to receive communion,” Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò noted that this was “a blatant invitation to commit sacrilege.”

Viganò adds that the Pope’s words “disavow the immutable position of the Magisterium of the Church.” They are a profane “blatant invitation to commit sacrilege, profaning the Most Holy Eucharist by receiving it in the state of public and manifest sin,” alluding to Biden’s support for abortion, Life Site News quoted Oct. 31. 

Biden visited the Pope at the Vatican on Oct. 29 as part of his European tour. His account of what the Pope told him prompted Viganò to issue his statements on the matter, emphasizing the role assumed by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Pope, in leading the Church.   

“Every Catholic knows that the killing of a defenseless creature in the mother’s womb is a horrendous crime; and that the most serious scandal is given to the faithful not only by Joe Biden as a convinced supporter of abortion, but also by Bergoglio himself, who is recognized as holding the authority of Supreme Pastor of the Church,” Viganò wrote. 

And he adds: “His work of demolition knows no respite before the astonished silence of the Cardinals and Bishops.”

He also questions the performance of the Catholic Church, saying that there is: “a disturbing subversion of the mission of the Church of Christ, which today has been reduced to climate change, inclusive capitalism…” and other controversial activities. 

Viganò then related that the Pope had been recognized as a “moral guide” by the Council for Inclusive Capitalism headed by Rothschild’s Lynn Forester. 

He also criticized Bergoglio’s appointment of a supporter of global population reduction and the fight against climate change, Jeffrey David Sachs, a Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences member.

Sachs is also the president of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. 

Both Biden and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have been in the midst of controversy because despite claiming to be Catholic, they not only condone the killing of unborn babies, they push for it.  

In this regard, when Biden was campaigning for president, he said that if the Supreme Court tried to reverse the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that ended up legalizing abortion in the United States, he would make abortion ‘the law of the land,’ according to The Daily Caller.

On that occasion, the then president, Donald Trump, commented on Biden’s position via his Twitter account. 

“Wow. Joe Biden just took a more Liberal position on Roe v. Wade than Elizabeth Warren at her highest. He also wants to PACK our great United States Supreme Court. This is what the Dems will do. Remember as they try changing positions before elections end. GET OUT AND VOTE!” tweeted Trump. 

In this context, in mid-September 2020, the group Catholic Vote launched a digital ad campaign to expose Biden’s anti-Catholic record.

Brian Burch, president of Catholic Vote, said, “Joe Biden’s record makes clear he will not protect our Catholic values or defend our way of life. For Catholics who cherish the Faith and their freedom to live it, a Biden presidency represents an existential threat.”

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