A Belgian journalist was threatened by far-left activists and had to be placed under police protection on April 25 for being “too white” to interview African-American writer Angela Davis.

Safia Kessas was the journalist chosen to moderate an event held to receive and interview progressive writer Angela Davis at the National Theater in Brussels.

The journalist participated in an open debate with young activists and various associations. However, the leftist militants began to attack Kessas for being white and of Algerian origin, according to 7sur7.

“As Black activists … we strongly question the choice of Safia Kessas to have a conversation with Angela Davis. In fact, Angela Davis has worked and continues to work every day for black liberation and against the prevailing negrophobia in the West,” the activists said.

The famous writer, referring to the far-left activists, declared that they were making a “bad decision,” and called the controversy a “disturbing” example of “censorship.”

The rioters, shared on Facebook a “white card” titled: “Safia Kessas in conversation with Angela Davis? The new spit in the face of black activists.”

Davis is known for her activism, she was a member of the U.S. Communist Party, and during the violent riots by Black Lives Matter activists following the death of George Floyd, she made controversial statements to Vanity Fair such as, “The protests offered people the opportunity to join this class action lawsuit to bring about profound change, radical change,” and “Defund the police, abolish policing as we know it now. These are the same arguments we’ve been making for a long time about the prison system and the entire criminal justice system. It was like all these decades of work, the work of so many people, who got no credit whatsoever, came to fruition.”

During demonstrations in Matonge, Brussels in June 2020, rioters attacked police and looted stores. On that day, police arrested at least 150 people during the Black Lives Matter protest, and rioters set fires, smashed shop windows, and looted stores.

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