Jeanine Áñez's Christmas message

Dressed as "Santa Claus," Bolivia's interim president Jeanine Áñez gave gifts to Bolivian children and sent a Christmas message.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump declared his support for Áñez in her mission to "ensure a peaceful democratic transition through free elections.” 

Also through Twitter, the president denounced violence and those who encourage it "both in Bolivia and from abroad" in a clear reference to former president Evo Morales.

Former Bolivian consul arrested with 17 pounds of cocaine

A former Bolivian consul was arrested in Argentina with 17 pounds of cocaine.

Fernando Vega Ibarra was arrested in northern Argentina, in the city of Oran, with 17 pounds of cocaine in the trunk of the vehicle he was driving.

The former consul appointed by former President Evo Morales left office at the end of November.

Bolivia's Deputy Minister of Social Defense and Controlled Substances Jaime Zamora, said a thorough investigation is underway to determine Ibarra's relationship with drug trafficking.

The incident took place in Argentina, the country where former President Evo Morales currently resides and from where he intends to lead his party's presidential campaign.

US presented Growth in the Americas

The United States has presented a plan to reactivate the economy in Latin America.

The initiative named as “Growth in the Americas” was presented on Tuesday, December 17, at the White House in a meeting between senior U.S. government officials and senior leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean.

The project will target infrastructure development, job creation, and economic growth in 30 countries in the hemisphere.

In a statement, the Trump administration said the idea is for the private sector to be the "main engine of growth to develop infrastructure," such as airports, energy, ports, roads, telecommunications, and digital networks.

 Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said, "Working together, we will be the most innovative and fastest-growing region in the world."

 The project will not work with the dictatorships of Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.

US to launch satellites from Brazil

The United States is now planning to launch satellites from Brazil’s Amazon region.

The Brazilian Senate on Tuesday approved an agreement that will allow the United States to launch rockets and satellites from the Alcantara space base.

This is the technological safeguards agreement signed in March during President Jair Bolsonaro's official visit to the United States.

The document, which since October had the backing of the Chamber of Deputies, makes the Brazilian space base commercially viable.

Bolsonaro hopes to turn Brazil into the world's leading satellite launcher and attract investment and technology to the country.