Bolivia to join the Lima Group

Bolivia confirmed its entry into the Lima Group.

The Bolivian government announced on Sunday that it has joined the Lima Group, the union of Latin American countries critical of the Nicolas Maduro dictatorship.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed through a press release:

"Bolivia will contribute to achieve a peaceful, democratic and constitutional solution to the crisis in Venezuela, which must be guided by the Venezuelan people."

The Lima Group is a regional forum led by Argentina, Brazil and Colombia that was created to find a peaceful transition out of the Nicolas Maduro dictatorship.

In recent years, under the government of Evo Morales, Bolivia had avoided joining expressions of criticism of the regimes in Venezuela and Cuba.

There is still no information on what happened to the Chilean C-130 aircraft 

The Chilean Air Force admitted that it is possible that it will never know what happened to the missing plane headed for Antarctica.

The commander in chief of the Chilean Air Force, Arturo Merino, said it is possible that "it will never be known" what happened to the crashed Hercules C-130 aircraft.

"The problem is that we have found very little remains of the aircraft," Merino said in an interview with the local newspaper El Mercurio.

Merino also confirmed that "according to the background we have handled and what has been found, the plane suffered a complete collapse that made it disintegrate, either at sea or in the air.

The search work has been moved to underwater this week, but the weather conditions in the area have forced the suspension of it.

Cuban regime elected Prime Minister

The Cuban communist regime elected a prime minister on Saturday.

Since yesterday, and for the first time since 1976, the Cuban regime has a Prime Minister, a position that will be held by Manuel Marrero, who until now has been in charge of Tourism.

 Marrero will be the "right arm" of the president.

The island, plunged into an acute economic and social crisis, has received more sanctions from the United States. 

In addition to the prolonged crisis with its main ally Venezuela, several Latin American countries such as Brazil, have cancelled their medical programme, from which the dictatorship obtained the largest foreign exchange earnings.

Marrero's election was approved by the Political Bureau of the Cuban Communist Party led by former President Raul Castro.