September 10 was the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. The China-based US Embassy has posted a very moving Mid-Autumn wish on its official Weibo account in Chinese. However, the response of Chinese netizens has shocked the U.S. ambassador.

The full text of the beautiful wishes of the China-based US Embassy is as follows:

“Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Since ancient times, there have been many masterpieces about the Mid-Autumn Festival. Among them, the most famous poem is probably “Shuidiao Getou – A Prelude to Water Melody: ​​When will the moon be bright? ​​” by the poet Su Shi. To pay homage to this traditional holiday, diplomats from the  The U.S Embassy in China recited this classic work by Su Shi of the Northern Song Dynasty (1067). Wishing everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival! We wish everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Wishing you a long life under the beautiful moonlight.”

Surprisingly and most shocking though, under the comment section, many Chinese netizens responded by mentioning the September 11 event, a tragedy that left many wounds on the American people:

A netizen commented, “I wish you a happy September 11 as well.”

Someone else said, “Tomorrow (meaning September 11) will be my turn to congratulate you.” (Screenshot with above link)

Someone scolded, “Physiognomy from the heart (your appearance reflects the quality of your heart), no matter how good the poem is, it stops being good when it comes from the man of violence.”

These malicious comments are so disturbing that they make us wonder what happened to the Chinese people. Some say this is due to the affects of the Chinese Communist Party’s hateful upbringing.

According to Sound of Hope, in order to dominate, the CCP has brainwashed the Chinese people to hate Taiwan, hate Japan, hate the United States and free societies. They ignore that the U.S. once helped the Kuomintang of China (Chinese Nationalist Party) win the war against Japan and Japan’s economic aid to China for 43 years has accumulated more than 1.2 trillion yen ($8.75 billion).

There is also breaking news in the past two days.

Chengdu has recently suffered successive natural and man-made disasters. Due to the zero COVID policy of the CCP, the city is in a complete blockout, many families had no food reserves and the city has fallen into a humanitarian disaster.

On September 10, the mainland newspaper reported that a person jumped from a building in the Central District of Yinhai, Beihai City. This area is affluent and the residents are mainly middle class.

After the tragedy, someone in the group of owners immediately said, “Don’t spread the word, or the house price will drop by 10,000 yuan.” Other homeowners agreed. One person said, “This is quite typical for the China’s middle class today, a group of cunning selfish people who only care about their own interests and turn a blind eye to the lives of others.”

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