When Joe Biden was Vice President, he played the role of being more moderate to Obama’s progressive policies. Is that why many people thought that Biden did not have a left-wing profile?

In reality, when it comes to evaluating his policies, his profile is apparent, and having stayed on the Democratic Party bandwagon, Biden moved more and more to the left. Now, after four months in the White House, more Americans are clear.

According to a new Fox News poll in May, 46% of Americans view Biden as “too liberal.”
Before Biden took office, only 36% said Biden was too liberal.

Meanwhile, 40% believe Biden’s radical policies are “right.” This number is down 2% since 2019.

But only 10% said Biden is “too conservative.”

The Biden administration has spent its first four months eradicating many former President Trump’s America First policies to push its radical agenda.

Even last month, far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez praised Biden and said he exceeded his “progressive” agenda.

“The Biden Administration and President Biden have definitely exceeded expectations that progressives had,” she said.

“A lot of us expected a much more conservative administration,” AOC added.

The “centrist” profile that Biden showed for many years helped the Democratic Party choose him to face Donald Trump. His main opponent in the Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders, was too openly radical left for him to have a chance.

In September 2020, two months before the contested presidential election, Hans Nichols of Axios wrote in an article titled “Biden’s Centrist Mirage” that said:

“Joe Biden spent a career cultivating the image of a deal-making centrist—and is making this a key selling point for swing voters in 2020.”

The modern Biden has been pushed left by his party’s insurgent progressives, to accommodate party activists on crime, climate, education, immigration, and health care. His central challenge with many swing voters: “Prove he didn’t move too far, too fast.”

Now we see that high taxes, business regulations, welfare, environmentalism, pro-abortion and pro-LGBT policies are policies promoted by Biden’s progressive and socialist agenda.

Likewise, this agenda promotes class struggle, one of the main characteristics of communism or socialism: the rich against the poor, the landowner against the peasant, the boss against the worker, the white against the black.

The Biden-Harris duo has intensified racial divisions in the United States, as was seen in Venezuela when Hugo Chavez drove a wedge between white people and black, brown, and indigenous people

Similarly, racial politics is used to intensify divisions in society and even attempts to turn people against the police, even to the point of trying to defund them.

We also know that Biden and Harris have openly supported movements that promote hate, violence, and racism, such as Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

Can you imagine a nation as prosperous as the United States becoming like Venezuela? It’s hard to imagine, but that happens with socialism.

If socialism takes over the U.S. economy and military power is decimated, it will allow communist regimes like China to subjugate all the free world nations.

But there is hope. People can wake up earlier and recognize communism/socialism now that it is right before their eyes and directly affects them.

During his presidency, on many occasions, Trump promised that America would never become socialist. And just like him, there are still people who are capable of fighting to prevent it from coming to that.