George Farmer, the young CEO of the alternative social network Parler, warned about the dangerous and rampant way in which the big technologies are censoring all kinds of information regarding the CCP Virus (COVID) other than that provided “officially” by the sectors of power, including the directives of the White House since the Democrats assumed the presidency of the United States. 

During 2020 and up to the present day, censorship on major social networks regarding information about the CCP Virus has increased exponentially.

In an op-ed published Wednesday 21 on Fox News, Farmer invites reflection on this issue and suggests that the federal government’s interference in these matters is inevitably reminiscent of the tactics used by totalitarian regimes. 

Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others flagged posts, blocked certain content, and even expelled users from their networks for daring to question established positions such as the use of masks for children, the promotion of certain drugs approved to combat the effects of the virus such as hydroxychloroquine, criticism of lockdown regulations and other issues that the big technologies decided not to popularize. 

However, Farmer points out; everything gets worse when behind these censorships is none other than the White House of President Joe Biden, who would be making decisions on censorship in Big Tech, in favor precisely of silencing certain voices that would not be functional to his interests, as Parler’s CEO denounces. 

“The White House has now admitted to monitoring private citizens’ Facebook pages, and asking Facebook to block content it finds objectionable,” warns Farmer.

“Silencing debate, keeping tabs on private citizens, and creating lists of individuals who dare to disagree with the government? These tactics are better left to totalitarian regimes,” he continues.

Both the White House and big tech leaders have used the same argument to justify their acts of censorship, claiming that the content they seek to block is always misinformation that deviates from “settled science” about the virus.

In this regard, Farmer stresses that “there is nothing more anti-scientific” than admitting the existence of “settled science,” given that centuries of history have shown that scientific truth is a process of constant knowledge and change. Accepting mutation in science is the only thing that allows it to continue to develop and knowledge not to stagnate in ‘something established.'”

Without going any further, “established science” promoted the initiatives of leftist governments that during 2020 completely paralyzed the economy by locking their citizens in their homes and eliminating their right to move and work for months. 

But curiously today, with the benefit of hindsight, we can understand, for example, that the approach of Governor DeSantis in Florida, a promoter of freedom and opponent of lockdown measures, was far more effective than the economic blockades and devastating lockdowns in New York and other places governed by Democrats, which had little noticeable effect on the transmission of the virus and also destroyed their economies.

Being able to discuss these issues freely without suffering censorship is the basis for building true knowledge. “A free people must be able to have open and honest debates about the trade-offs between protecting individual liberty and the state’s interest in protecting the public from threats, including a highly contagious virus,” Farmer says. 

The connections between Big Tech and Democratic leaders are becoming increasingly evident. Conservative journalist Alex Marlow’s new book, Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption, reveals the deep connections between Big Tech and the Democratic Party establishment that were key to Biden’s victory as U.S. president, Marlow claims.

There is ample evidence and political analysis in its contents that proves that the current President Biden was heavily benefited during the election by his Silicon Valley partners. And after the election, Biden was quick to reward the high-tech elite with influential positions on his transition team, who are now reportedly working together on the censorship plans.

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