A measure was signed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Tex.) on Monday to prevent different treatments based on vaccination status by businesses and government entities.

Senate Bill 968 promises to punish operations that impose the use of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus (COVID-19) vaccine passport by terminating state contracts and rescinding licenses or operating permits.

Introducing the new law, Abbott reminded that his state has fully resumed pre-pandemic operation, and the bill would serve as a guarantee for Texans to enjoy the freedom they had before COVID-19.

“Texans should have the freedom to go where they want without any limits, restrictions, or requirements,” Abbott announced on Twitter. “Today, I signed a law that prohibits any [Texas] business or [government] entity from requiring vaccine passports or any vaccine information.”

“Vaccine passports are now prohibited in the Lone Star State,” Abbott declared as he signed the bill that was authored by state Sen. Lois Kolkhorst (R-Brenham).

Senate Bill 968 will still respect measurements that businesses may foster CCP Virus screening and infection precautions as long as they conform with state and federal law.

In April, when Texas went mask-free, Abbott immediately signed an executive order that prohibited state and local governmental agencies and political subdivisions from refusing services based on the customer’s CCP Virus vaccination status.

A vaccine passport is not preferable as a choice for COVID-19 tracking under many U.S. lawmaker’s eyes, especially those from the GOP-led states.

Last month, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida signed a similar bill that blocks potential coercive vaccination measures by businesses.

“In Florida, your personal choice regarding vaccinations will be protected and no business or government entity will be able to deny you services based on your decision,” DeSantis said. He signed the legislation protecting Floridians from restrictions relating to their CCP Virus immunity profile.

The same month also saw Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R-Ala.) enacted Senate Bill 267 to safeguard Alabamians from vaccine passports or refused services from businesses.

Joining the states that oppose vaccination proof are Arizona, Indiana, Idaho, Montana, South Carolina, and South Dakota, as listed out by Breitbart.

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