Despite declaring himself “Jewish,” many Jews criticized financial speculator George Soros for his interference in the internal affairs of countries and his progressive positions.

In fact, according to the Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA), there is strong opposition in Jewish conservative circles to Soros’s views, such as his criticism of Israel or the funding of antifa.

The Hungarian-born American financier and founder of the controversial Open Society foundation is only “superficially Jewish” and “works against the Jewish people,” said the renowned Israeli Orthodox Rabbi Pesach Lerner.

“Yes, Soros is part of the Jewish nation, but ideologically he is not merely distant but openly hostile toward Israel and Jewish interests,” the rabbi said.

Because Soros presents himself as a Jew, he is often criticized as “anti-Semitic.” Such was the case with the comments of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who was criticized for declaring late last year that he was more Jewish than Soros.

“It is ridiculous to link an accurate critique of the use of Soros’s wealth to influence certain public officials to hateful, anti-Semitic lies about Jewish communal control over government at large,” Lerner said.

Real estate investor Adam Milstein bluntly called Soros a “self-hating Jew.”

Soros has been questioned for supporting Palestine in its conflict with Israel and for interfering in the sovereignty of a wide range of countries around the world.

The American Zionist Organization recently issued a press release—quoted by the JTA—calling the tycoon a “radical anti-Zionist.”

American Zionist Organization President Morton Klein, also recently tweeted “condemning anti Israel extremist George Soros is not antisemitic just like condemning racist David Duke is not anti White.”

In a dialogue with JTA, Klein said that if he were an artist, he would portray Soros as an octopus spread around the world because he “has his tentacles all over the place and has enormous influence.”

In fact, Soros’s name has appeared strongly in connection with the presidential elections to be held on Nov. 3.

In addition to donating more than $50 million to the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the financial speculator has donated $220 million to the Marxist organization Black Lives Matter. He has also been accused of supporting the violent antifa movement in the wake of the riots that followed the death of African American George Floyd in late May.

However, despite the fact that many of these donations are public or have been proven, on several occasions it has become clear that mass media is forbidden to talk about the magnate’s questionable actions.

An example of this is what happened last week on the Fox News channel. Anchors cut off communication with prominent political commentator Newt Gingrich when he exposed how Soros funds progressive district attorneys across the United States.

The video of the hosts censoring Gingrich went viral and led again to put at the center of the discussion why Soros cannot be criticized, and any questioning of him is labeled “anti-Semitic,” even though many times, as in this case, specific policies and facts linked to his progressive activities are pointed out.

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