Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Fla.), along with other GOP members, has introduced a bill in an attempt to curb the exorbitant spending that plagues the Biden administration.

Speaking to NewsMax TV on Tuesday, March 16, Cammack said she and her GOP colleagues have introduced a bill to place “a check on the overreach of this out of control, spending-wise, administration.”

Cammack told “American Agenda,” “Common sense really isn’t common, and this is a common-sense bill that reigns in the regulatory power of the administration. It really reasserts Congress’s role in the economic impacts that these overreaching regulations can have on industries and communities. It even includes covering and protecting consumers from prices being skyrocketing or skyrocketed from these regulations.

“We’re seeing a new administration like the Biden administration, who’s so hell bent on signing through executive order an increase in taxes across the board, whether they’re trying to ram the green new deal down our throats by executive order, or you pick it, they are doing everything they can to circumvent and go around Congress’s role in legislating,” she said.

After the bill passed in the House but it was squashed in the Senate.

“Now we’re coming back. We have more original co-sponsors, actually, more than half of the Republican conference, and that number is growing every day in support of it. People see the value and having a check on the overreach of this out of control, spending-wise, administration,” said Cammack.

Cammack feels it will have bipartisan support. “Sure, and I think Democrats, you know, I’ve talked to several of my Democratic colleagues and they’re scared to death of what this administration is doing. They have businesses and industry and their home districts that they have to answer to. So, if you have a construction industry if you have a pharmaceutical industry, these small regulations end up totaling millions and millions, sometimes billions of dollars on impact.”

Cammack continued, “So, there are Democrats that we’re talking to about this. It should be something that is bipartisan,” adding that “nothing seems to be bipartisan these days” with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), “and as we’ve seen under this administration, unity is not a priority for Biden.”