A majority of American voters are worried their family members might be infected with the coronavirus.

A new national poll by NBC News/Wall Street Journal released on Sunday, March 15, shows that 60% of those surveyed believe the worst is yet to come for the virus outbreak in the United States, while 31% say the coronavirus is not likely a major problem.

Democratic voters are more pessimistic than Republicans, with 79% of Democrats saying the worst is yet to come, versus just 40% of Republicans who hold the same opinion.

More than 40% of the voters said their day-to-day lives will change in a major way in the future as a result of the pandemic, which President Donald Trump had to declare as a national emergency earlier this week in a bid to mobilize full resources to protect the health and safety of the American people. 

Meanwhile, 56% said their lives will change only in a “small way” or will not change at all.

A combined 53% said they are either “very” or “somewhat” worried that someone in their immediate family might catch the coronavirus, while a combined 47% said that they are not too worried or worried at all.

American attitudes about the coronavirus—including President Trump’s response to it—are divided along partisan lines. Nearly 90% of Republican voters have confidence in the president’s handling the outbreak, compared with just a sliver of Democrats who agree.

The poll, conducted from March 11-13, found that 47% of voters said they have stopped or plan to stop attending large public gatherings, while 36% said they have canceled or plan to cancel travel.

And 26% said they have stopped or plan to stop eating out at restaurants, which includes 36% of Democrats and 12% of Republicans.

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