Many health professionals, some even supposed “experts” in the field, are pushing the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to impose permanent mask mandates even after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus pandemic ends.

As many sectors of the United States slowly begin to experience a return to normalcy, there is also evidence that a significant number of people have started to move away from the routine daily use of masks.

But evidently, some “health experts” are in no hurry to see life return to normal and continue to recommend policies to instill fear and instability in society.

Former Rhode Island health director Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott told The Providence Journal regarding the use of masks, “We have seen benefits of masking that occur … So there may be a new form of normalcy where masks don’t necessarily have to go away.”

Summit News recently reported that Dr. Leonard A. Mermel, medical director of epidemiology and infection control at Rhode Island Hospital, said:  “Within the Lifespan system, we’re seeing far fewer respiratory viruses than we’re used to seeing at this point in the calendar year … So it’s impressive: the COVID preventive strategies are having an impact on other respiratory viruses, which makes sense: they spread in a similar way.”

According to their own published figures, even the CDC should have already recommended relaxing the use of masks. 

On Tuesday, the CDC issued new recommendations to prevent infection with the CCP Virus. Still, despite mass vaccination in the United States and the decline in cases, the measures went virtually unabated. To give an example, in their recent update of measures, they indicated that social distancing and the use of masks should continue at summer camps for children, arguing for the supposed prevention of possible outbreaks of the CCP Virus.

Despite the CDC’s measures and the reports of mask-worshipping professionals, there are various studies by real experts who have argued that the effects of masks have not helped reduce infections and have even caused other pathologies.

A study published by, a COVID-19 data clearinghouse led by a group of database analysts, looked at 229 days from May 1 through Dec. 15, comparing days when state governments imposed mask mandates with days when they did not.

Through a Twitter thread, the co-founder of the page, Justin Hart, released results showing states that implemented masks had almost twice as many cases as those states that did not implement mandatory use.

During an interview with Just The News, renowned Professor Bhattacharya was highly critical of the excessive use of masks by specific sectors. 

Bhattacharya wrote a piece in mid-April in the Wall Street Journal, citing studies from Sweden and the World Health Organization (WHO) itself, recommending that we avoid masking children until at least age 11, given the low risk of infection and the very real danger of developmental delay in children.

But of course, there is one undeniable issue, as Bhattacharya described, masks are “a palpable symbol of panic and fear.” Suppose the globalist elites are trying to spread that to make it easier to control the population. In that case, the strategy of masking as many people as possible is a super effective plan.