A Democrat from Michigan was questioned after trying to close a major energy corridor.

GOP Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted is concerned about Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s push to shut down Enbridge Energy’s Line 5 pipeline. The infrastructure is essential for transporting oil between the Midwest and Ontario refineries across the Canadian border.

“With what is going on with Russia and Ukraine, I think the world is learning right now that we cannot be dependent on other nations for the supply of our oil and gas who are adversarial to us,” Husted said according to Fox News.

“We can work with nations who are allies–in this case with Canada and Line 5–but Michigan is being unreasonable and irresponsible with their actions,” she added.

The Republican predicts the pipeline closure could create a combined 45% crude oil shortfall for existing refineries in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Ontario and Quebec.

Drivers in those jurisdictions already pay at least $4.7 billion more annually for gasoline and diesel, according to the Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA).

“You see the consequence of higher fuel prices on public opinion and on the lives of working-class Americans,” Husted said according to the broadcaster.

“In this case, it is being caused by [Russian President] Vladimir Putin but it could easily be caused by Gov. Whitmer in the future for the people that are served by this pipeline if they do not find an alternative,” she added.

CEA’s latest Enbridge Line 5 Shutdown Impacts on Transportation Fuel Report predicts gasoline prices could soar even further if the pipeline is shut down.

“Based on previous studies of disaster-related fuel production disruptions, we conservatively estimate that the closure of Line 5 will spark a 9.47% to 11.66% regional (U.S.) increase in fuel prices,” the report said.

“This increase is independent of any other market conditions, such as the surge in fuel prices observed over the past 12 months that are tied to international oil markets and logistical challenges caused by the pandemic,” it added.

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