The Lenawee County Health Department recently filed a series of lawsuits in court to force an Amish community of 14 families to give up their homes if they do not agree to modernize the sewage system.

The case, which threatens to destroy the community’s lifestyle and customs, is being supported by the ACLU, whose lawyers said the way they live poses no threat to anyone, according to The Washington Times.

In a statement from ACLU, it is noted that along with the law firm of Wright & Schulte, LLC, a lawsuit was filed against the Lenawee County Health Department for violating the constitutional and civil rights of an Old Order Amish community by threatening to demolish their homes.

As ACLU points out in the statement, the Amish refrain from using electricity, water power, running water, and other modern technologies.

Phil Mayor, lead counsel for the ACLU, said, “Lenawee County residents should be outraged that their local officials, using taxpayer money and in the county’s name, have condemned their Amish neighbors’ homes and are threatening to demolish their houses, and leave them homeless.”

The county said in a statement that it was willing to work with the owners and emphasized that at no time has it demolished a house for noncompliance with the health code.

“There are safe options for outhouses that have been presented to the families and that the county itself has implemented for facilities in county parks,” the statement added, according to the international press agency UPI.

The county mayor said he is not aware of any health problems caused by the disposal of wastewater, according to UPI.

The ACLU is an organization that on different occasions has been questioned by Christian leaders, accusing it of opposing traditional religious values by implementing a series of demands throughout the United States to eliminate Christian crosses as well as public commandments of churches.

As stated by the Traditional Values Coalition, a conservative Christian organization, “The American Civil Liberties Union claims to be dedicated to protecting the freedoms of all Americans. But its legacy is one of defending pornographers, child molesters, abortionists, and stripping our nation of its Judeo-Christian heritage,” according to a 2007 report by The Christian Post.