A qualified infectious disease expert encourages everyone to repeat two sentences that helped relieve patients’ suffering with the deadly Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus disease or COVID-19.

Swiss medical doctor Yuhong Dong wants everybody to learn to recite nine words. Her latest study shows that sincerely reciting those nine words helped dozens of patients recover quickly from the CCP Virus.

Dong is the chief scientific officer at the biopharmaceutical company SunRegen Healthcare. She independently led investigative research into the clinical effects of sincerely reciting the Falun Gong spiritual practice’s nine true words. The team studied 36 active cases across mainland China, Japan, France, Denmark, Canada, and the United States.

She co-authored a scientific report on the study with assistant professor Kai-Hsiung Hsu and counselor-researcher Dr. Margaret Trey. They found 72% of the patients made a full recovery after regularly reciting what she calls the nine true words “Falun Dafa Hao, Zhen-Shan-Ren Hao” (法輪大法好, 真善忍好) at different times of the day.

These words are taken from the traditional Chinese meditation practice called Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa) and translate into English as “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

The power of Falun Dafa Hao

Patients reportedly experienced fast results after sincerely repeating the words out loud or silently in Chinese throughout the day, including when they woke up, ate, walked, rested, and even prepared for bed.

“What caught my attention was that after reciting the nine true words, all 36 cases experienced symptom improvement and then fully recovered,” Dong told The BL. “The median time for improvement was one day, and the median time for the full recovery of symptoms was three days. There is a close temporal relationship between reciting the nine true words and clinical effects.”

The doctor revealed that statistically nearly half of all CCP Virus patients in a critical condition die. Yet, two of three severe cases she observed in a hospital intensive care unit made a complete recovery, while the last patient “significantly improved.”

“Three cases who were in a critically ill status [included] two [who] had given up their conditional medical treatment,” she said. “Amazingly, after reciting the nine true words of Falun Gong, all of these cases made a rapid turnaround! Two completely recovered, while the third showed significant improvement.”

Patients even experienced positive effects after changing their minds from being initially skeptical of Falun Gong. The spiritual practice has been slandered and persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for the past 21 years and continues today because of its immense popularity. The CCP’s persecution and propaganda have played a destructive role in turning people against Falun Gong.

“Eight patients, who formerly resisted and opposed Falun Gong due to the wrong propaganda by the CCP, they also experienced similar positive effects after reciting the nine true words,” Dong said. “This indicated that the nine true words’ effects were objective and real.”

Many more people who came in close contact with the same active cases who recited the nine true words were also not infected by the CCP Virus.

“These 50 people were also protected, and they were not infected by the virus,” Dong said.

She describes the process of learning to recite the nine true words as “easy to learn, safe, and without conflict with any conventional treatment” since it comes under the banner of complementary or alternative healing.

Alternative healing method

“[The words] contain a powerful positive energy field, and this energy can act as a means of warding off the illnesses and maintaining fitness,” she said. “Many Falun Gong practitioners have personally experienced this strong, high-energy field, which can translate into extraordinary healing effects.”

Dong pointed to her previous observational retrospective study of patients who have end-stage cancer. The research found those patients who performed the Falun Gong meditation exercises lived longer than predicted.

“After practicing Falun Gong [the patients] survived much longer than predicted, with much better quality of life,” she said. “This study was presented to the largest oncological conference in the world called the American Society of Clinical Oncology.”

American scientists from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, similarly found people who practice Falun Gong’s four standing and one sitting exercise sets had a much stronger immune system and were less vulnerable to diseases.

“Phagocytosis is significantly enhanced, and the gene expression profiles indicate significantly enhanced anti-viral immunity,” Dong said.

“Falun Gong’s high-energy field can also translate into enhanced immunity. The more sincere one recites, the more precise the signal will be matching the Falun Gong high-energy field in the universe. Once this high-energy is transferred, it can help the person strengthen the anti-viral ability of his immune system, thereby cleansing the virus from the patient’s body,” she added.

Footnote from Yuhong Dong: The research mentioned in this paper was not funded by any organization. The research mentioned in this paper is not intended to replace individuals’s medicative treatment for COVID-19. If anyone has any symptoms of illness, please consult your doctors immediately or go to the hospital. We would not take any consequences caused by misunderstanding the content of the paper and not seeing a doctor in time.