Ninety-five Latino organizers from the Florida Democratic Party accused the campaign of U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden of abuse and creating a “toxic” work culture, among other complaints, just 100 days before the election.

They also argue that the Biden campaign suppresses the Latino vote in a seven-page internal letter filed on July 24. The letter outlines eight complaints, including the lack of a “fully actionable field plan” for coordinating voter outreach efforts, according to the Miami Herald July 26.

They also highlight the mistreatment of field organizers, the relocation of trained staff members without explanation, the lack of organizational resources, and the acceptance of volunteers to leave them without support, in the same letter.

“The [Florida Coordinated Campaign] is suppressing the Hispanic vote by removing Spanish-speaking organizers from Central Florida without explanation.” The letter continues, “… We are failing to confront a white-dominated political system that we are supposed to work against as progressive party organizers.”

“We are approximately 100 days away from the election, and there is no functional outreach and organizing program for the Spanish-speaking, Brazilian/Portuguese and Haitian/Creole communities in our state,” the letter states.

“There are no objectives, scripts, data infrastructure, community outreach, or telephone banks established for this,” adds the same text.

According to Townhall, the organizers argue that the Coordinated Campaign does not have adequate infrastructure and generates a “toxic” work culture that damages the morale of the personnel on the ground.

Jackie Lee, state director of Biden’s Florida campaign, said, “We look forward to discussing this with organizers and getting their input as soon as possible. … “the campaign has an ‘open-door policy,’ and its leadership in Florida is consulting with IBEW Local 824 on ‘many of the issues’ discussed in the letter.'”

These complications for the Democrats so close to the election could be an advantage for the Republicans.

In 2016, Trump won Florida with 49 percent, beating his opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who won 47.8 percent of the vote. State Hillary Clinton, who won 47.8 percent of the vote.