A Texan who received international sympathy and support died on Aug. 14.

Antonio Basco passed away a little over two years, after wife Margie Reckard was one of 23 victims killed at an El Paso mass shooting.

Countless friends and concerned citizens gathered to remember the likeable 63 year-old former car wash attendant at a funeral service on Aug. 27.

Basco lived alone with practically no surviving relatives. He quickly attracted international attention after inviting the world to join him in honoring his 22-year companion at her burial in August 2019.

The somber event drew hundreds of visitors from as far as Arizona, California, and even parts of Mexico. Many of the attendees did not personally know the woman.

At the time Basco received an overwhelming display to generosity from complete strangers who offered flowers and even a sports utility vehicle.

The current pandemic did not stop crowds of sympathizers from visiting a cavernous church for Basco’s funeral service.

A hospice worker who cared for Basco in his dying days and a retired Army veteran, who liked Basco despite never meeting him, mourned his loss of life.

Basco made an impact on local retiree Jose Luis Ozuna who claimed he and his wife met at a makeshift monument for victims of the Aug. 3, 2019 shooting.

Basco, according to Ozuna, always put the welfare of others before himself.

“We had a real good bond, he was a very loving kind of person,” Ozuna said. “We lost track of him because he lost his phone.”

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