Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis told reporters Thursday that the idea of a vaccine passport, which requires a person to show proof of having been vaccinated against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus to participate in certain activities, is a “terrible” and “unacceptable” idea that we will not accept in Florida.

The idea of a passport indicating that its owner has been inoculated with one of the CCP virus vaccines is an idea that has only been implemented under the CCP so far, given that the majority of the world’s population is still unvaccinated.

Reality shows that many sectors are promoting this idea, however, and many countries and industries would accept it to perform certain activities or access some benefit. 

Ron DeSantis, a Republican, participated in a round table with renowned physicians and epidemiologists who praised Florida’s decisions in response to the rejection of more blockades and intrusive restrictions as a measure to combat the virus. DeSantis made it clear that Florida will not require a vaccine passport.

“The vaccine passport is a terrible idea. We are definitely not going to require anything from the state’s perspective. That is totally off the table,” DeSantis said. “If I have businesses that want to do that in Florida, I think that that’s more than just a private decision.”

DeSantis said such a decision would affect society and, in particular, disadvantaged people, making it a “negative” move for the state as a whole.

“Look, if you want to go to a movie theater or concert, all this stuff, go. If you don’t, don’t. But to require somebody to show some type of proof of vaccination, I think, is completely unacceptable, and it’s not something that we’re going to support here in any way in Florida,” the governor vowed.

As reported by Breitbart a week ago, purported CCP “experts” urged the World Health Organization (WHO) to allow the CCP to develop and operate a global “vaccine passport” database documenting whether everyone on earth has received a Wuhan coronavirus vaccine.

The “vaccine passport” implemented in China, a digital certification confirming that a person has received a CCP virus vaccination, is linked to China’s “social credit system,” which judges all citizens and awards them numerical “scores” based on how much the Party approves of their behavior as a citizen.

China’s social credit system has prevented millions of citizens from traveling by prohibiting them from buying airline, train, or public transportation tickets. China is also limiting citizens who do not receive a CCP virus vaccine from widespread travel.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the vaccination passport is just an idea advocated by some left-leaning sectors, but there is no official announcement about its implementation. 

In fact, should such a measure be passed, it is sure to meet with much resistance, considering that forty-one percent of Americans are unwilling to receive a vaccine against the CCP virus, a Harvard CAPS-Harris poll released in early March showed.

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