Highly skilled former CNN employees have turned up at a television station run by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that pushed lies and propaganda from the Party.

China Global Television Network (CGTN) based out of Beijing, is funded by the CCP and broadcasts heavily distorted information designed to influence the thoughts of millions, not only in China but in the rest of the world.

Its international disinformation campaign put forward greatly biased coverage of the Hong Kong protests and has been shown to air forced confessions.

CGTN is known as a “long-standing weapon in Beijing’s arsenal of repression,” and flood’s its coverage with anti-Trump and anti-U.S. material. As a result, CGTN was forced to register with the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) in 2019, reported The National Pulse.

CGTN follows closely the decree from Chinese leader Xi Jinping in February 2016, which states, “Wherever the readers are, wherever the viewers are, that is where propaganda reports must extend their tentacles.”

Former employees of the U.S. media company known as CNN have linked themselves to CGTN, and have chosen to help the CCP glorify itself through their disinformation campaign.

Sean Callebs is now employed as a national correspondent at CGTN America. Callebs was an experienced CNN correspondent for more than two decades and served for the U.S. State Department as a diplomat in Afghanistan.


His bio on CGTN boasts, “He comes to CGTN with more than 20 years of experience at CNN, where he covered a wide array of stories. Sean was CNN’s point person based in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. […] Sean anchored news programs on CNN and CNN Headline News and was in the anchor chair the morning Saddam Hussein was captured in Iraq.”

Sean Callebs CGTN reporter. (Screenshot/CGTN/Twitter)

Pushing the 2016 Russian collusion narrative on CGTN, Callebs insisted President Trump’s insistence the Mueller Report had vindicated him, was “not accurate,” said The National Pulse in an exclusive report.

Callebs was proud to produce the “70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China” articles, and noted CCP’s “very humble beginnings and then what China [CCP] has become today.”

This is despite that when the CCP took over China in 1949, up until 1997, at least 65 million Chinese had perished.

Callebs lavish praise on the CCP for its “ecological red lines” promoted to supposedly protect the environment, although China repeatedly emits the biggest proportion of greenhouse gas, and pollutes both air and water heavily. He criticizes the United States at the same time, and blames it for “heading in the opposite direction.”

Next on the list at CGTN is Anand Naidoo, an anchor for the program “The Heat,” which is based at the network’s Washington D.C. studios. He was formerly an “Atlanta-based anchor for CNN International’s World News for ten years.”

CGTN anchor Anand Naidoo (Screenshot/Twitter)

In one episode, Naidoo touted figures on the deaths from the CCP Virus in the United States far surpassing those in China, emphasizing how U.S. states were relying on the CCP for personal protective equipment, and stressing that the Trump administration didn’t respond adequately.

Other misinformation included, when reporting for CGTN about protests in the U.S. it included, “Police forcefully clear out protesters from in front of the White House, firing rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowd.” He failed to mention the truth—that after being attacked by rioters one police officer used pepper spray.

Next, we have Karina Huber, a New York correspondent for CGTN and fill-in anchor for the network’s program “Global Business America.”

Her CGTN bio states, “Prior to CGTN America, Huber was a business reporter for CNN and Reuters reporting live from the New York Stock Exchange.”

CGTN reporter Karina Huber. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Among the many segments Huber has produced is one that includes a push against President Trump’s tariffs. It is titled, How dependent are Americans on Chinese goods?

Taking CGTN viewers on a stroll through her house, she proudly demonstrates how most of her furniture, clothes, and other goods are “made in China.” Huber fails to mention the harm Chinese production does to the environment and the health of U.S. citizens and their children. Take the toxic lead paint used on many of its toys, or the drywall used in building that is made from radioactive substances.

Not to forget the carcinogenic fish polluted from China’s toxic waterways that are imported, or the candies made with formaldehyde. Nothing to be proud of here.

Huber, along with Callebs painted a picture on CGTN of President Trump as a warmonger, “President George W. Bush and Barack Obama both had the opportunity and the means to launch a similar drone strike, but they didn’t.”

Jim Spellman is a CGTN correspondent who “was a journalist at CNN for over a decade” and “reported for CNN, CNN International, HLN, and CNN.com” and is also anti-Trump.

Spellman attacked President Trump’s stance on Chinese tariffs and heaped false praise on the corrupt “shift from rule by law to rule of law.”

Jim Spellman, former CNN journalist. (Screenshot/CGTN/Twitter)

According to The National Pulse, it had received no answer from CNN on its “revolving door” with the CCP when The National Pulse reached out for comment.