Officers appeared to be struggling to gain control of a gun on body-camera footage before a man was fatally shot in an Ohio hospital’s emergency room.

After Miles Jackson, 27, was fatally shot at Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital in Westerville on Monday, the footage was released. Officers from Westerville and Columbus were involved in the incident.

According to Westerville Police Chief Charles Chandler, when Westerville police identified Jackson, they discovered he was wanted on several warrants.

The warrants for Jackson’s arrest were for pending domestic abuse, resisting arrest, falsification, and assault charges in Franklin County Municipal Court. He was also facing a pending felony case on charges of drug possession and possessing guns when disabled, which meant an individual with a felony record who had unlawfully, possessed a firearm.

Jackson—who had been found unconscious in a vehicle by first responders, was assisted into an ambulance in videos released by the Westerville Division of Police. They inform Jackson that he would be taken to the hospital for evaluation.

The Westerville officers arranged a transfer of custody to Columbus police.

A pat-down was begun at the time but apparently not completed

Upon arrival at the hospital, an officer handcuffed Jackson to a bed in the hospital’s emergency room in another video.

A different body-camera video captured by NBC affiliate WCMH shows an officer instructing Jackson to put his belongings in a plastic bag. In the video, another officer could be seen removing Jackson’s handcuffs.

When Jackson was ordered to stand up so one of the officers can pat him down, things got heated.

Jackson started to struggle with officers Andrew Howe and Ryan Krichbaum after one of the officers found bullets and felt a pistol in his crotch pocket.

Body camera video released Wednesday shows Columbus police officers searching Jackson’s pockets and putting property into bags for storage. During that search, officers discovered something hidden in Jackson’s shorts. Officer Ryan Krichbaum told Officer Andrew Howe to help him get Jackson’s hands behind his back.

A struggle ensues, and a Taser is used on Jackson. During the struggle, a gun fired from Jackson’s pocket.

The video showed the two officers trying to handcuff Jackson and repeatedly ordering him to reveal his right hand, which appeared to be concealed in his pocket. As police were attempting to gain custody of Jackson, Krichbaum repeatedly used a Taser on him. According to the Columbus Dispatch, Jackson seemed to have fired one bullet from a pistol through his trousers during the struggle.

One officer ran out into the corridor while the other drew his weapon and withdrew to a corner of the room.

Jackson said to the police that he “dropped it [the gun]” and was afraid to move because he did not want to be shot.

Officers constantly told Jackson not to touch a gun they said he had in or near one of his hands, even though he was on the floor and out of reach of Howe’s body camera.

Howe, who had apparently run into the corridor, stunned Jackson with a taser. After a few seconds, a shot is heard, followed by a sequence of gunshots. Officers rushed into the room and called for a doctor. The body-camera video showed a weapon lying next to Jackson.

Jackson began receiving medical attention within 60 seconds of being shot. He was rushed to St. Ann’s emergency department trauma ward, which was just down the hall.

Jackson was pronounced dead at 2:45 p.m. after doctors operated on him for about 20 minutes.

Chief Chandler said an “additional weapon” was discovered at the scene in addition to the officers’ weapons.

Preliminary ballistic tests revealed that Jackson “had a gun and shots were fired,” according to Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation was leading the investigation into the fatal shooting.

“The investigation will look into how and to what extent the officers followed proper policy and procedure from the time of the first contact to the transfer of custody,” Chandler said in a statement.

Although the shooting is being investigated, the department has not said whether Howe and Krichbaum would face any disciplinary action.

The first responder officers have been placed on administrative leave.