When he begged his neighbors to tone down their loud music, a Florida man was beaten to an unrecognizable pulp, so much so that his family could only identify him from his tattoos.

After the horrific beating on June 14, Frank Penkava, 42, of Hollywood, was put into a medically induced coma at Memorial Regional Hospital due to several facial fractures.

He stayed in the hospital for over a month as physicians awaited his stabilization before operating.

“My son has a little boy. Penkava’s mother, Joan, told the news source, “He is beautiful and he may never know his dad.”

“We don’t know what damage has been done mentally, let alone all of the physical issues he has.” She said, “It’s very disheartening.”

According to the station, doctors are keeping an eye on the man’s brain activity to see whether he has suffered any permanent harm.

Horvath’s sister, Gina, claimed he had numerous fractured bones and was admitted to the hospital with an infection.

“He continues to fight every day,” she told the press, “but he’s very, very sick.”

Horvath has stated to the media that she believes her brother was assaulted after he requested that his neighbors tone down the music.

“There is no reason for what they did to him. I understand that people get into altercations all the time and people’s emotions are high, especially over the last year, but there was nothing to warrant what they did to him,” she added.

Penkava’s tattoos were the only thing that the sister could identify.

“He went to work, did his job and paid his bills. He didn’t bother anybody. So for anybody to do what they have done to him, I am seeking justice and I will not stop until I have justice for my brother,” Horvath told Miami NBC.

She claims that someone dialed 911, but they don’t know who it was—and that officers have been evasive in their responses.