Last Saturday, June 12, the first men’s march against abortion took place in Washington DC and was covered by the conservative media LifeSiteNews.

The march was attended by about 300 men carrying a banner that read “Let´s stop murdering, our preborn children!”

Father Stephen Imbarrato organized this first march, and Catholic radio host Jim Havens and the men were dressed in suits and the clergy in their cassocks.

The event began at 11 am with the men praying in front of the late-term abortion center, Washington Surgi-Clinic. where in 2013 Dr. Cesare Santangelo was videotaped while denying care to a child who had survived an abortion.

After the prayer, the men marched to the White House.

Father Imbarrato said that every abortion hurts a woman and the man involved. Even though abortionists tell men that it is not their business, men must get involved and protect women and unborn children.

“Men need to stand up, and stand up for women, try to protect women from being wounded and of course protect the most vulnerable, our babies,”

For his part, Jim Havens warned men who are about to take their wives or girlfriends for an abortion not to fall for the lies they are being told.

“The truth is, this child is already here; this child is already infinitely valuable, as [are] you, as is that mom,” to which he added, “Tell her that you’re going to be there to support her, to support that child and step up as a man.”

Jeff Joaquin is a father who is sorry he let them abort his son and left a strong message warning that they can never escape the loss of their child.

An attendee at New Calvary Baptist Church said that since it takes two people to have a baby, they both have to act for the baby to be born.

Monsignor Charles Pope went further and asked President Joe Biden to repent and expressed concern for him and the rest of the officials involved in the abortion policies because they are “risk their immortal souls” and left them with a very strong message: “They are going to be judged, and they’ve been given great responsibilities.”.

He also asked the president to listen to God and to take care of life from conception. He said he should not be afraid that many will encourage and support him.

Pope also invited to reflect and return to traditional values to avoid most of the pregnancies that end in abortions since “85% of abortions are committed on single women, which means that there was an act of fornication,” and added. “This has to stop. So, we men have got to pledge to live chastely and we’ve got to summon our sons … to this same chastity.” 

His conclusion is that with this change in behavior, 85% of abortions would disappear.

To conclude, Dr. Anthony Levantino, a former abortionist left some very strong words:

“This isn’t just some embryo. It isn’t even just some baby. This is your son or daughter, and if you’re a man, you defend and support your son or daughter.”.