The current pandemic is not only spreading a virus; it is spreading fear, something just as dangerous. A widely shared clip on social media is an example of how people stop becoming rational and let fear dominate them, they act in ways they may never have done before.

Recently an unidentified woman wearing a face mask in a grocery store takes offense at a young mother with her two young children who are not wearing masks.

The older woman approaches the family, and the young mom begins by defending her children against the women’s remarks. “They’re not supposed to wear them,” the mother can be heard saying in obvious defense of her unmasked children.

The elderly woman shouts at her, “That’s not true,” as she shakes her head, reported The Blaze.

The young mother continues to defend her children, but the older woman refused to acknowledge her reply. And that’s when fear takes control of her, and she shouts something she will probably be ashamed of in the future when she thinks about it.

Looking down at the young girl who is watching her wide-eyed and with obvious concern, the woman shouts, “I hope you all die!” The mother doesn’t lose her cool, but replies, “You’re being ridiculous. You take care of yourself. ‘Bye.'”

Still consumed by fear as she walks away, the woman repeats her remarks aimed at the family, “I hope you all die because you’re going to kill me and my husband,” she shouts.

“I’m wearing a mask she yells,” obviously irrational.

The incident took place in a Walmart store in Gainesville, Georgia, earlier this month, reported WGCL-TV.

The young mother of three Desiree Alis Vansickle spoke to the station. “Whenever it all ended I just walked off and was shaking on the inside, and I started crying because I was so upset,” she said. “[The elderly woman] was attacking the people that were coming in without masks and everybody was just kind of ignoring her and walking on and going on about their business, but I just didn’t feel that it was right that she was wishing death upon people for not wearing a mask.”

Vansickle explained that when she arrived at the store she realized she didn’t have her mask, and she spoke to security as she entered the store.

“There was a man at the door who said, ‘If you have a mask can you please put your mask on?’ and we didn’t have any with us, but he didn’t say that we couldn’t come in,” she recalled.

“I just prayed that she just went home and she thought about her actions, and what she said, and what she did affected a lot of people,” Vansickle added.