The FBI confirmed that the notorious Zodiac Killer case is unsolved even after a group of specialists deduced that the perpetrator was identified.”

“The Zodiac killer case remains open. We have no new information to share at the moment,” the FBI said in a statement on Wednesday, Oct. 6, San Francisco Chronicle reported.

This confirmation also debunked a claim made by the Case Breakers, a private team of 40 investigators, who said they had been able to identify the suspect.

The Zodiac Killer was known for killing up to 37 people and teasing his identity with investigators and authorities with sophisticated ciphers for years, marking himself a nightmare to Bay Area, California, residents.

Case Breakers believed the infamous killer was from the Sierra foothills and had perished three years ago. They told Fox News that his name was Gary Francis Poste.”

“I absolutely feel we solved this case,” Tom Colbert, a member of the Case Breakers, said.

The group stated that their claim is based on numerous facts, including a resemblance in pictures of their suspect to a 1969 police drawing of the Zodiac, as well as anagrams that they claim reveal their suspect’s identity. 

They also said they had been able to decipher the code the murderer left authorities, per Deadline. Case Breakers alleged the clues stem from Poste’s full name.”

“So you’ve got to know Gary’s full name in order to decipher these anagrams.,” former Army counterintelligence agent Jen Bucholtz told Fox News.”

“I just don’t think there’s any other way anybody would have figured it out,” he noted.

They also believed Poste is responsible for the murder of Cheri Jo Bates in Riverside, California, back in 1966. Two years before the Zodiac killer purportedly began killing. 

Riverside Police Officer Ryan Railsback declined their findings, adding that the police rewards of $50,000 for tips about Bates’s case are still valid.”

“If you read what they (the Case Breakers) put out, it’s all circumstantial evidence. It’s not a whole lot,” Railsback told the Chronicle.

David Oranchak of Virginia, who headed a team that cracked the Zodiac’s 340 Cipher in December, said it was unlikely the Case Breakers were accurate in their interpretation that the killer’s ciphers included the suspect’s name based on their technique.”

“It seems vanishingly unlikely that the name is actually in there,” he said, noting that analyzing anagrams can generate a dizzying number of names and words with little maneuver.

The mysteries around the Zodiac Killer have spawned numerous documentaries, videos, and conspiracy theories for decades. Over the years, however, probable suspects have been mentioned, but nothing conclusive has been made and no one has ever been charged.

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