Prominent evangelical pastor Franklin Graham enthusiastically criticized the controversial Equality Act, asserting that it is a “smokescreen” that has absolutely nothing to do with equality. He warned of the dangers if the bill is approved, especially for conservative society and people of faith, who will be persecuted for not agreeing with those principles or ideals. 

Democratic representatives including Rep. David Cicilline from Rhode Island and expressly supported by President Joe Biden, introduced the controversial bill on Friday, Feb. 19, called the Equality Act, which aims to eliminate discrimination by eradicating biological sex differentiation and penetrating gender ideology into every public and private realm of human relations. 

Graham commented from his Twitter account, “The Equality Act has nothing to do with equality. It’s a smokescreen to force Americans to accept the LGBTQ agenda and creates a lot of INEQUALITY for people of faith. It punishes people and organizations who disagree based on their moral convictions.”

 Attached to his message, Graham posted an interesting piece from the New York Post, which clearly explains how the bill seeks to “update” the law Congress passed primarily to combat racism, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, by adding sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes akin to race.

Thus,“Rather than finding common-sense, narrowly tailored ways to shield LGBT-identifying Americans from truly unjust discrimination, the bill would act as a sword—to persecute those who don’t embrace newfangled gender ideologies,”  the published release asserts.

Graham continued the debate from his Facebook account, where he warned, “If passed into law, the Equality Act could prohibit religious organizations—Jewish, Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, all—and churches from hiring only like-minded people who believe what they believe.”

He also asserted that the Equality Act would destroy the way we currently know women’s and girls’ sports, since it would allow biological men who choose to identify as women to compete for titles, scholarships, and contests at all age levels, because biological sex differentiation will no longer exist.

Graham concluded by stating that the bill is “very dangerous” and encouraged his 9.6 million supporters to write their congressional representatives, as well as other political figures, to make their voices heard.

In the same tune as Graham, the president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC), Ryan Anderson, warned in a statement that the legislation is something of a double-edged sword, that with the discourse of protecting minorities, it ends up persecuting with the weight of the law the majorities that do not adopt the new gender ideologies.

“(The Act) is not drafted as a shield to protect vulnerable minorities from unfair discrimination, but as a sword to persecute those who do not embrace new sexual and gender ideologies,” Anderson said.