Democratic National Committee communications director Xochitl Hinojosa said Monday that her party’s presidential candidate, Joe Biden, has made an “effort” to reach out to the Latino community. His comments come after recent reports show the low electoral performance of the Democratic candidate in the Hispanic electorate.

In a dialogue with Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” program, Hinojosa rejected the claim by Janet Murguia, the president of the Latino civil rights group “UnidosUS”, that Biden’s campaign has not sufficiently reached Latinos.

“The campaign needs to reach out to Latinos directly and specifically, and ask for their votes … we haven’t seen enough of that yet,” Murguía said, according to Time’s politics newsletter cited by Fox.

In response to these statements, Hinojosa said, “I respectfully disagree because I think that we are doing that currently.”
“You see [the effort], especially in a place like Florida, where we have expanded our team,” the Democratic leader added.

“One thing that is significant is when the Biden [campaign] made their general election buy, they invested in not only Spanish language media, but, a lot of Latinos also watch TV in English. My parents are Latino and they are watching news shows like yours today and others,” Hinojosa said, highlighting the resources invested by the Biden campaign in the Latino community.

The fight for the Florida vote

Florida, which has a strong Latino community, may be the key to turning the tide in the presidential elections to be held next November.

In 2012 and 2008, Democrat Barack Obama narrowly won the election in the southeastern state, beating then-Republican candidates Mitt Romney and John McCain.

However, in the 2016 election, then-Republican candidate Donald Trump changed the course of the last election and beat his Democratic contender, Hillary Clinton.

In fact, in 2014, Murguía, who was then president of the National Council of La Raza and was an advisor to President Bill Clinton and other Democratic leaders, called President Obama the “Deporter-in-Chief,” referring to the approximately 2 million immigrants deported from the United States under the Obama Administration.

That’s why, in conversation with Fox, Hinojosa noted that Biden’s campaign had created the largest Hispanic outreach team in Florida’s history.

However, both recent reports and Latino activists in the Democratic Party themselves seem to contradict Hinojosa.
According to a report cited by Fox News, Biden has underperformed among Florida’s Hispanics in the past three months.

At the end of July, it came to light that 95 Latino campaign organizers from the Florida Democratic Party accused Biden’s campaign of “mistreatment” and of creating a “toxic” work culture, among other allegations.

According to the Miami Herald, they argued that the Hispanic vote was being suppressed. A seven-page internal letter presented on July 24 also set forth eight other allegations, including the lack of a “fully actionable field plan” to coordinate Biden’s campaign’s voter outreach efforts.

They also highlighted the mistreatment of organizers, the unexplained transfer of trained staff, the lack of resources, and the acceptance of volunteers who were later forgotten.

“The [Coordinated Campaign of Florida] is suppressing the Hispanic vote by removing Spanish-speaking organizers from Central Florida without explanation,” the letter said.

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