The creator of the “V-safe” mobile app used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to monitor vaccinees died two months after receiving a COVID vaccine, Life Site News reported.

Successful Delaware (Ohio) developer Joel Robert Kallman died May 25 at just 54, leaving a wife and children. He had tweeted on March 26 that he had received his first dose of the CCP Virus vaccine (COVID-19).

Kallman was well known in the technology field and was behind the vision of Oracle APEX, a web-based software development platform.

“I got my first vaccination today,” Kallman tweeted on March 26. “I am incredibly proud of @Oracle and the team that worked tirelessly to create and run v-safe for the USA.”

After that he only tweeted 5 more times, doing so on March 29 for the last time, just 3 days after receiving the vaccine.

“V-safe” is a smartphone tool developed by Oracle APEX that uses text messages and online surveys to provide personalized health checks after receiving a CCP Virus vaccine.

The CDC adopted the app so that users could report side effects to the agency after receiving a CCV vaccine and remind them to get a second dose of the vaccine.

Kallman is one of thousands of cases of “COVID” infection deaths after getting the vaccine.

Although neither the company where he worked nor his obituary establishes any link between his death and the vaccine, his death generates suspicion since it is known that most of the time, an autopsy is not even performed on the deceased, and the cause of death is reported as “COVID.” The media also repeats this information without further investigation or background information.

On the other hand, we have data provided by the CDC itself which reports that hospitalizations for COVID infection and deaths have more than tripled among those who have been fully vaccinated against the disease in the last month alone.

Oracle APEX tweeted on May 27 about Kallman’s death from Covid-19. “Joel’s warmth and enthusiasm touched countless people around the world. We miss him dearly.”

Vaccines and Positive Cases

Last month, comedian Bill Maher tested positive for COVID-19 despite receiving two doses of a vaccine weeks earlier, as did at least nine New York Yankees players.

We now also know from the CDC that “COVID deaths” in those who have been fully vaccinated against the disease increased from 160 as of April 30 to 535 as of June 1.

Between January 1 and April 30, 2021, a total of 10,262 vaccine “breakthrough infections,” defined as coronavirus infections in fully vaccinated persons, were reported to CDC from 46 states and U.S. territories between January 1 and April 30, 2021, according to a report released by CDC on May 28.

Approximately 10% (995) of patients who became ill after vaccination before April 30 were hospitalized, and the agency said it had received reports of 160 fully vaccinated patients who died from the infection.

Just days later, the CDC website reported that 3,016 fully vaccinated patients with the COVID-19 vaccine had developed a “relapse” and had been hospitalized or died. These deaths totaled 535 as of June 1 compared to 160 deaths reported a month earlier.