Several parent groups are organizing to finally get California’s children and teens back to school in the traditional school system. California is the largest Democratic state in the country, so the task that parent groups are undertaking is actually much more difficult than in other states, as authorities continue to support extensive closures of activities of all kinds.

Parents across California are protesting in front of district offices, circulating petitions, and calling school board meetings with a determination never before seen in the blue state.

Parents are circulating petitions, and calling school board meetings to reopen schools

One of the groups leading the battle against politicians and unions resisting the openings is Open Schools California. Members are working hard to share the following message: “We are parents from across California who are committed to public education and believe our children should have access to safe, in-person instruction. We support following the science and data on COVID-19 transmission within schools and advocate for our kids to return.”

Parents say no more fear of being politically incorrect by siding with former President Donald Trump’s speech or facing criticism for not “caring about teachers.” Instead, parents are taking heart and organizing as President Joe Biden pledges to reopen schools, but does nothing to do so and leading national disease experts say reopening is the recommended course of action.

Children need to get back to in-person instruction

“All of us are isolated, frustrated, desperate, and alone. Finding like-minded parents, I don’t feel like I’m crazy and have to scream into my pillow every night and cry myself to sleep,” said Lei Levi, one of the organization’s parent partners, NewsMax reported.

With reported infection rates dropping dramatically every day, health authorities and public health experts keep recommending the opening of schools, both to prevent further decline in educational quality and to avoid further psychological disorders in children and adolescents who have lost social contact.

Parents are creating their own movement becoming major political players

Nearly a year after the closure of most of the state’s schools, the parent movement is having its own moment in California. It could be just the beginning for a powerful new interest group with the potential to become a major player in state and local politics.

“Based on studies conducted in various countries, the consensus by public health experts and medical and mental health professionals is that schools can be safely reopened with measures in place to mitigate the spread of the virus. Schools across the United States and Europe were open for in-person education throughout Fall 2020, and very few outbreaks were reported,” Open Schools California stated.

“Children attending private schools across California, including Governor Newsom’s children, returned to the classroom months ago,” the parents remarked, referring to the governor’s own children. Newsom has yet to take the lead in the fight to achieve the long-desired school reopening.

The parents seek to differentiate themselves from those who, based on conspiracy theories, believe that the CCP Virus does not exist, simply arguing that it is not possible in such a short time to lose traditions and the normal life that has always been led, because the consequences can be catastrophic and the cure worse than the disease.