KUTV uncovered four confirmed deaths, submitted by Utah families and caregivers to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS), during an investigation into the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus or COVID-19 vaccine side effects reported to them.

A 39-year-old single mother from Ogden died four days after getting her second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Her relatives, who are awaiting an autopsy’s findings, held a memorial service for her this past weekend.

According to all sources, Kassidi Kurill was safe, happy, and “had more energy” than just about anyone else. Her family told 2News that she had no reported health issues or conditions.

Kassidi Kurill’s Story

Alfred Hawley, a former Hill Air Force Base fighter pilot, has spent his entire military career surrounded by danger and failure.

Kurill’s death came out of nowhere in a year in which this family had already endured unprecedented sorrow, with three funerals preceding Kurill’s in the previous 370 days.

Kurill died four days after getting her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine before any of her relatives could say their goodbyes.

The Thursday morning, Hawley was awakened by his daughter asking for assistance.

“She came in early and said her heart was racing, and she felt like she need to get to the emergency room,” Hawley said.

Hawley, who is now retired, spent a great deal of time with his daughters.

He said, “Kurill got sick right away, soreness at the shot location, then started getting sick, then started complaining that she was drinking lots of fluids but couldn’t pee, and then felt a little better the next day.”

Her first shot left her with a sore arm but no severe side effects or complications. Kurill was the family’s first vaccine recipient. She served as a surgical technician for a number of local plastic surgeons, and the vaccine was part of her duties. Her family said she didn’t hesitate to take the shot.

“She was absolutely fine with getting it. In fact, she told all of us, ‘it’s fine, you guys should all get it.'”

Kristin, Kassidy Kurill’s older sister, said that the day her sister got the second COVID-19 shot was normal from their conversations throughout the day.

“They had gone shopping. She (Kassidy) was fine, then started feeling not so great that evening,” Kristin said.

“Everyone from her work had flu-like symptoms, so we thought that was normal,” Kristin said, adding that they were not concerned about her sister.

On Feb. 1, Kurill had her second shot. It wasn’t until Thursday morning that she realized something was wrong because she was in bed all day Tuesday and Wednesday. She got up early, dressed herself, and asked her father to take her to the nearest emergency room, where they arrived by 7 a.m.

Kurill puked as soon as they stepped through the entrance. Questions about what was making her so ill arose minutes later.

Her father remembers doctors saying, “Is there any explanation?” following question after question.

Kurill had just had her second shot, according to Hawley.

“They did a blood test and immediately came back and said she was very, very sick, and her liver was not functioning,” Hawley said.

Kurill was airlifted to Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, a trauma center that could perform transplants. Her liver was failing, and physicians agreed that a transplant was her only hope of survival.

Kurill’s parents both decided to donate a part of their livers to the cause. They knew that even though they weren’t a match, they could support their daughter through a swap with someone who was.

They were never given the opportunity to provide the life-saving present. Doctors tried everything they could to get Kurill back to health, but nothing worked. According to Hawley, his daughter’s liver, kidneys, and heart all stopped working.

It didn’t make sense to Hawley, who was with his daughter when she died.

She was safe, happy, and engaged, the best mother you’d ever seen, and then she became so ill that she was intubated and on life support in less than 12 hours. She died 30 hours after they arrived at the emergency room, he said.

Doctors suggested an autopsy, and the family accepted. Kurill’s body was transported to the Utah State Medical Examiner in Taylorsville for a complete autopsy.

Because of privacy rules, the State Medical Examiner’s office cannot comment on the event but talked with 2News on whether an autopsy will offer answers to a family claiming a death after vaccination.

Dr. Erik Christensen, Utah’s Chief Medical Examiner, said proving vaccine injury as a cause of death rarely happens.


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