Pete D’Abrosca, a former U.S. House candidate and current American Greatness contributor, realized on Tuesday, June 15, that his Wells Fargo savings account had been closed “with no explanation.”

“@WellsFargo just closed my accounts with no explanation. I’m sure it has nothing to do with my political opinions,” D’Abrosca wrote on Twitter.

D’Abrosca spoke to National File about the incident “Clearly there’s been some kind of conspiracy within Wells Fargo to ban prominent right wingers from using their banking services. This is yet another reminder that major monopolies in both banking and tech are not operating within a purely free market capitalistic system. They must be broken up, and their CEOs and executive level employees and board members jailed until we can figure out how to stop discrimination from “private” companies against the political right.”

“As for Wells Fargo specifically, they’ve always had a garbage product and I feel like my money will be safer and put to better use in a local credit union or regional bank,” D’Abrosca continued.

Wells Fargo had told him that a check for the balance of his account was already in the mail and refused to cut him a check in person. When D’Abrosca inquired if the check could be canceled and a new one sent for him, the bank refused, claiming that his account had already been closed.

“I have three accounts with Wells Fargo, a personal checking, a business checking, and a savings account,” D’Abrosca marked. “The personal savings account is the only account that they banned, so I have two other accounts, I can use my debit card right now. It seems like somebody’s just messing with us. It’s almost as if there’s some cheap diversity moron, or maybe somebody on a rung lower, who has the power and has a list and who is like, ‘Delete, delete, delete.’”

Lauren Witzke, an America First activist, had her account canceled by Wells Fargo on the same day, leaving her stranded out of state with no money.

Witzke, who ran for the Senate in Delaware as a Republican candidate in 2020, twitted on Telegram “Wells Fargo has shut down my bank account, taking all of my money and leaving me with a zero balance. When I called Wells Fargo told me that it was a “business decision” and that they have the right to close my account at any time. Had I not been surrounded by friends in Florida, I would be completely stranded. Use this as a warning and get your money out of Wells Fargo if you are a conservative. This is so evil.”

(Screenshot via THEBL/ :Lauren Witzke’s Telegram account)

Wells Fargo’s failure to explain why they canceled Witzke’s bank account raises doubts about why the decision was made and whether it had anything to do with her Christian conservative politics. Witzke is currently a broadcaster for TruNews, a Christian broadcast network, and has advocated for America First policies, including collaborating with other conservative activists Nick Fuentes, Laura Loomer, and Michelle Malkin to campaign for a stronger anti-Big Tech in Florida.

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