On Monday, September 12, a 3-minute video went viral on Chinese social media, capturing the entire process of a 10-year-old child strangling his grandmother to death.

The Sohu newspaper reported on September 13 that a 10-year-old boy strangled his grandmother to death, while the person next to him laughed, calmly filming the event.

RFA said that the incident happened in La La village, Hecheng town, Zhaodong city, Heilongjiang province, China. Currently official media in mainland China has blocked the video and the videos on Weibo and Douyin have been deleted, only a few WeChat accounts are still circulating.

At the beginning of the video, an elderly woman is seen hitting a boy on the head with her hand. The boy then angrily scolds the woman, and at the same time punched her in the stomach. She immediately she falls down.

But the boy didn’t stop there. He used both hands to strangle the elderly woman and pin her to the floor. While strangling her, he scolded her, “Dare to hit me, dare to hit me.” The old woman struggled, grabbed a slipper and hit his back side, but that only made him angrier strangling even more strongly until she no longer moved.

But the most confusing thing is that the person who filmed it not only did not stop what was going on, but even smiled and calmly recorded the incident.

A man’s voice can be heard in the video: “Don’t strangle grandma so hard that she dies.” But the boy still didn’t stop, he even shouted: “Every time she hits me, she tells me I don’t know right or wrong, now who doesn’t know right and wrong after all!” Then he continued to forcefully squeeze the old woman’s throat tighter.

In the end, the man filming the video realized what had happened, and immediately ran to advise the boy: “Please stop it, she won’t hit you anymore, it’s guaranteed that she will not hit you anymore, really will not hit you, so please let her go.”

The boy then let go of his grandmother’s throat but it was too late, she was lying on the floor unconscious.

Finally a woman ran over, but did not immediately give first aid to the woman, on the contrary whipped the boy, and scolded him: “Your grandmother is dead! Your grandmother is dead!”

However, the RFA cannot confirm the contents of the video.

Netizens were shocked because none of the people in the video acted normally. The child did not feel guilty for doing evil, the onlookers did not stop it, and the woman did not give first aid to the grandmother. Only the sound of a dog barking outside the apartment was a normal response.

Some one commented, “Is it real or fake?” “Grandma is gone? huhu.”

Children who do not have parents around are often spoiled by grandparents.”Really cold and heartless.”

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