News widely reported in China said that the College of International Business and Economics, Wuhan Textile University was accused of stealing electricity by the power supply company, “the school staff admitted the behavior.” A student said that the school was fined 2 million yuan ($292,000) but forced the students to pay more than 300 yuan each. On the evening of the September 19, students gathered to protest and a scuffle broke out with police.

Vision Times quoted a deleted article by China’s “News 900,” about the incident. On September 20, it was reported that a student claimed to be from the college saying that a notice from the power supply company was sent to the college.

The notice mentioned that, in April 2022, the college had increased its power capacity. On September 9, the school violated the terms of the electricity use. Therefore, the company issued a document, “Notice about electricity theft and violation of terms of use.” The school has admitted to stealing electricity, but until today, it has not come to the power company to resolve the issue. The power company also said that for the power failure reported by teachers and students, after carefully checking the school’s power supply, the company found that there was no frequent power failure.

As a result, the school’s electricity was cut off for a week. According to Vision Times, a student said, “Maybe the school stole the electricity, making the students live in the dark, get stuck in elevators, and sleep in the hallway. Then the school was discovered and fined 2 million yuan. The school forced each student to share its fine, each about 300 yuan. The incident caused many students to protest.” 

In addition, many people have posted comments on various forums, saying: “There is a lot of information on the internet right now, both real and fake, but the local authorities even called the police to surround the students to teach them a lesson.”

Before this incident, the news site “900 News” tried to contact the local authorities, but all were told that nothing happened, it was just a rumor from netizens. There is also video showing at night, many students running frantically outside a school building.

On September 20, a screenshot showed that a netizen named “Teacher Li – Tutor” posted, “Announcement: Any student who participates in tonight’s gathering will be inspected and directly notified of the expulsion from the school.”

Xiaoya (alias) told The Epoch Times on September 20, “The 15th building (of the dormitory) lost power, because the school stole electricity and didn’t pay the electricity bill. There were over 10,000 people (The Epoch Times has not verified the exact number) gathered to protest yesterday, calling for the school to return money. We paid tuition but had no electricity to use? Wuhan’s weather is so hot, no air conditioners, and many classes are all taught on the electronic board, so what is the use of paying for study materials?”

Nickname “Tears in the Wild” wrote, I went to the College of International Business and Economics, Wuhan Textile University. The source of information was meager, but the reason was clear: because the school stole electricity, the students did not have electricity. Reasonable demands were not satisfied, making students disgruntled and protested together in the locked down campus. As a result, students who participated in the protest were threatened with expulsion. 

Another netizen commented: “Students in the College of International Business and Economics keep it up! I hope the whole society can see the student’s protest.”

Some netizens called for an end to the lockdown on the university campus and demanded the freedom of university students.

One netizen said: “College students across the country should not be locked down in school. Some of them have to work part-time and get certificates of competence and certificates of skills. They don’t want to go out for dinner, a movie, or a walk! They are doing part-time jobs to earn money to support their lives, not depend on family money … I support all college students to be free!”

According to published information, Wuhan Textile University is located in Wuhan Hubei Province, China. As of December 2021, the school has four campuses, 18 faculties and 67 full-time majors. The university has more than 2,000 faculty members, more than 1,400 full-time teachers and more than 20,000 students.

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