A study published in the United Kingdom showed that 104 of the 127 pregnant women analyzed, 82 percent, suffered miscarriages after receiving Pfizer and Moderna mRNA-containing vaccines.

The publication noted that the miscarriages occurred between the first 4 and 20 weeks of pregnancy, according to the article entitled Preliminary Findings on the Safety of the COVID-19 Vaccine in Pregnant People, reports the June 30 Goodly alternative media outlet. 

As shocking as the results were, they were mixed with 700 other cases. The findings state that only 13.9 percent of all “completed pregnancies” had ended in miscarriage, but including women vaccinated in the third trimester of gestation. 

The complete information is in the fine print at the bottom of the table, listing the lost unborn babies. By adding 700 more pregnant women from another range of pregnancies, the percentage is disguised, decreasing from 82 percent to only 13.9 percent, which is already alarming. 

The trick was discovered by a British oncology researcher, who shared her information with LifeSiteNews. It is inconsistent to group pregnant women vaccinated in the first 20 weeks with those vaccinated after 28 weeks.

This implies “a more than 3-fold increased incidence of spontaneous abortions directly linked to the mRNA vaccines. So, yes, there is a huge red flag [against] vaccinating pregnant women here,” the researcher wrote. 

For her part, a reader of the article noted, “It is clearly a lie and obvious to almost anyone.” 

She also made the case in another, more blunt way: “It is like saying that there were 700 men and 127 women studied and only a small percent got pregnant.”

The same study was presented on the American College of Cardiology (ACC) website, with the title: Safety of the mRNA vaccine COVID-19 in pregnant women.

The ACC itself highlights the authors’ conclusion: “The authors concluded that preliminary findings did not show obvious safety signals among pregnant persons who received mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.”

Overall, the negative effects caused by COVID or CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus vaccines on the health of vaccines exceed many times the historical data recorded so far, if only the voluntary reports registered in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom for adverse effects, which occurred in the first months of this year, are added up to 2,144,512. 

Of the above, more than 783,528 are considered serious injuries, and deaths amount to 22,800, these data projected on the world population vaccinated so far would be overwhelming,

It is worth noting that according to a U.S. study, only 1 percent of the adverse effects of vaccines are reported. 

Also, the drug that is now presented as a ‘vaccine’ was authorized with an emergency license, to complete its experimental stage, which is not made clear to people before taking it. 

Therefore: “Before you make the decision to participate in this unprecedented health experiment, it may be wise to assess your personal insurance and financial ability to handle a serious injury, as pandemic vaccine manufacturers are indemnified against lawsuits,” warns Dr. Joseph Mercola’s Global Research page.