On December 2, at the 2022 Asian Classics Weightlifting Championships awards ceremony in Dubai, the organizer mistakenly played the song “Glory to Hong Kong” as Hong Kong’s national anthem. Previously, the news that Korea played the wrong Chinese national anthem during a sporting event became a hot topic.

On December 2, Susanna Lin from Hong Kong won the women’s “all age group and under 47kg Masters 2 category.” A video posted on overseas social media shows Lin standing on a podium after being awarded the gold medal. As usual, the organizer would play the Chinese national anthem, but the song “Glory to Hong Kong” was played instead.

The song was played for more than 10 seconds and Lin seemed a little confused. She looked outside the hall, then made a pause signal and the song stopped. After about a minute of silence the Chinese national anthem was finally played.

This is not the first time an international event organizer has used the anti-extradition song “Glory to Hong Kong” as China’s national anthem.

On November 13, during the Asian Rugby Sevens Series held in Incheon, South Korea, the anti-extradition song was played before the match between Hong Kong and Korea.

A video of the scene went viral on social media, and the Hong Kong government expressed its displeasure. Then, the Korean organizer stated that the staff at the time searched for “Hong Kong National Anthem” on the internet and the results showed “Glory to Hong Kong,” and that’s how the wrong song was played.

“Glory to Hong Kong” was composed during the anti-extradition movement in Hong Kong in 2019. At that time, more than 2 million Hong Kongers took to the streets to protest the extradition bill and Chinese communist regime’s interference in the state management of Hong Kong. However, the peaceful protest was violently suppressed by the CCP and the Hong Kong government and many young Hong Kong people were either “dead, missing, or injured.”

“Glory to Hong Kong” inspired Hong Kong people to fight nonstop. But it was banned by the government. Now the song has become a symbol of the struggle of Hong Kong people and is sung around the world.

The National Olympic Committee of Hong Kong on November 22 issued a notice asking Hong Kong athletes when participating in international sports events, if they find an error when playing the national anthem or raising the flag, they must send a pause signal to the organizer and request corrections.

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