On the afternoon of September 22, the topic “unidentified flying objects (UFOs) emitting giant light beams filmed in many places in Xinjiang” appeared on Baidu’s hot searches. The video shows the UFO casting a giant white light.

From the evening of September 21 to the early morning of September 22, residents of Karamay, Altay and other places in Xinjiang captured a giant dirigible-shaped beam of light that was piercing the night sky.

Witnesses said that the unidentified object flew very fast, leaving a wide oval-shaped area.

On the morning of September 22, employees of the Karamay City Government Office told Jimu News that they had noticed the video on the internet, and the specific situation is unclear.

Employees of the Government Office of Habahe District in Altay also said that on the evening of September 21, they did not detect anything unusual and did not know what kind of light the object emitted, and they advised people not to worry too much.

Netizens humorously said, “This is aliens visiting the earth, maybe it was too dark, they turned on the overhead lights.”

Someone said, “Isn’t that a manned spacecraft launched by Russia? Stop thinking about aliens!”

Some astronomy bloggers said that this could be the Russian manned spacecraft “Soyuz MS-22” that arrived at the International Space Station on September 21.
According to news from Kazakhstan and Russia, at 4:54 pm Moscow time on September 21 (9:54 pm Beijing time), the rocket “Soyuz-2.1a” carrying the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-22” took off from the Baikonur launch site in Kazakhstan and entered a predetermined orbit.

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