Recently, the Chinese Communist Party’s official media CCTV asked the public to name “Cui Cui’s” panda and netizens left messages like “Qi Cui” (meaning “Pray for Cui Cui”) in the comment section. The official media immediately deleted the comments and even blocked further comments. Some analysts believe the incident reflects the deep dissatisfaction of the Chinese people with the CCP’s strict measures.

On August 18, CCTV News, posted on its official Weibo account that the panda “Cui Cui” at Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve in Sichuan gave birth, and asked netizens to name the cub. Surprisingly, netizens took advantage of this to express their dissatisfaction with those in power and “risked their lives” in the comment section.

RFA reported that netizens directly left comments like “Let’s pray together for Cui Cui”; “Cui Cui name is called Cui Cui”… The word structure “Cui”(翠) in Chinese can be parsed into independent characters as “Xi + Xi + death” (“习+习+卒”)

When the total number of comments reached nearly 1,500, the moderators quickly blocked all comments and turned off the comment function, The Epoch Times reported.

However, official media such as Beijing Daily and People’s Daily have also closed the comment function or enabled the comment selector function and even comments like “this cute panda can eat 100 kgs of bamboo” are blocked.

But the news continues to spread on social media overseas. On August 24, the popular account “The Voice of Pooh,” which specializes in so-called insulting dumpling actions, created a discussion topic “What’s the name of this panda” on Twitter and Telegram.

“Insulting dumpling” here means “insulting Xi.” According to VOA, after Xi Jinping’s 2013 dumpling eating event, people jokingly called him “the dumpling king” or “Xi dumpling.”

A famous blogger born in the 1990s – “Frogs world inside the wall,” told RFA that the Chinese Communist Party under Xi has accelerated China’s regression, with internet blockade and speech, netizens use the word “Cui” to implicitly express their dissatisfaction with the CCP’s authoritarian regime.

“Frogs world inside the wall” said that netizens cannot criticize the government in normal language, they can only evade China’s censorship machine and express their discontent by creating words with new meanings. The list of sensitive words is growing. This is the only option for living in Chinese society. The 1.4 billion Chinese can only cooperate with them (the CCP) and continue to perform this contemporary absurd play every day.

Another blogger “Surf Sound” told RFA that, with this incident, we can see that in the harsh political environment in China, many young people still bravely protest. She also predicted that the CCP will step up online censorship ahead of the 20th National Congress, so she urged those who speak out to pay attention to safety.

According to a leaked database from an earlier website inside China’s firewall, there are at least 2,000 sensitive words directly related to Xi Jinping.

The “Frogs world inside the wall” believed that the CCP’s methods are “covering the ears, stealing the bell” (the story about the rat covering its ears to steal the cat’s bell), making people’s discontent accumulate and will eventually explode.

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