Tencent newspaper on September 21 published a humorous video that has been widely spread on Chinese social networks. In the video, a group of pandemic prevention workers is gathered around the tables where people are eating.The workers ask the people to wear masks when eating.

People expressed their frustration and asked the police, “Huh? Do you wear masks when eating?”

A pandemic prevention worker took the initiative to demonstrate, he pulled down the mask and quickly pulled it up, at the same time saying, “I eat rice like this, is it okay?”

The annoyed people asked the police, “Again, are you a law enforcement officer or what do you do?”

The video has sparked ridicule from netizens.

The Aboluowang newspaper shared what people thought.

One person nicknamed @Budapest Restaurant Manager commented, “Take off the mask 48 times per second, of which 24 times the odd number is responsible for eating and 24 times the even number is responsible for eliminating the phenomenon of chewing and making loud noises.”

@Bottled Fireworks wrote, “If he swapped places, he would surely realize how stupid and silly is what he said, but the outer layer of his body (meaning as an anti-pandemic officer) is what makes him say stupid things so eloquently.”

The person with the account name “village elder captain” said, “Indescribable nonsense.”

Another netizen said, “Please go get your brain checked.”

And so the comments point to how silly a request that really is.

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