Republican senators introduce bill to end child trafficking at the border

Central America 03/26/21, 15:17

Four Republican senators introduced legislation last Wednesday to require DNA testing of adults entering the country illegally seeking 'asylum' with minors to prove parentage and end child trafficking. Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and Joni Ernst, Thom Tillis, and Mike Rounds introduced the "End Child Trafficking Now Act." The Act would ...

Me Too movement criticizes VP Harris for asking former President Clinton for advice on empowering women

U.S. 03/25/21, 00:32

Prominent sexual assault survivors have denounced a Californian Democrat who asked an accused sex offender for tips on promoting a female's self-worth. Me Too movement supporters Leslie Millwee and Juanita Broaddrick strongly criticized Vice President Kamala Harris for co-hosting the Clinton Global Initiative University meeting with former President Bill Clinton. The women ...

Biden like Obama uses cages for immigrant children

Central America 02/24/21, 15:06

According to a Fox News report, Biden set up a facility in South Texas for unaccompanied children entering the country illegally to wait there for a ruling from authorities. But what is disturbing is that Biden and his allies in mainstream media used this facility made up of small, contiguous cells ...

Biden forgot there is a Congress! 40 executive orders signed in 9 days

U.S. 01/29/21, 16:48

In an unprecedented case for U.S. democracy, recently elected President Joe Biden has signed 40 executive orders (EO) after just nine days in office. Biden thus bypassed Congress and imposed—without right of appeal or opposition—an accelerated advance in his leftist, globalist agenda. Just hours after he was sworn into office on ...

US Troops deployed to US-Mexico border will receive medals

U.S. 08/21/19, 04:01

Thousands of U.S. servicemen and servicewomen who  were deployed along the Mexico border will receive the Armed Forces Service Medal reserved for troops who "encounter no foreign armed opposition or imminent hostile action." "The Undersecretary of Defense has authorized the Armed Forces Service Medal to service members who have provided support ...

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