President Trump is ‘moving forward’ with setting up a new social media platform

U.S. 03/31/21, 23:26

Former President Trump will directly compete against the world's largest social media companies to bypass their alleged suppression of free speech. Donald Trump has decided to proceed with his earlier proposal to establish a new social networking platform after being permanently banned from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Insiders, who know about ...

Donald Trump is back and may visit Mexican border in the midst of President Biden created border crisis

Central America 03/26/21, 16:52

As the Biden border problem worsens, former President Trump's aide Jason Miller says the former president could reach the southern border "soon." “JUST IN—Trump may visit the Mexican border ‘soon’ amid the border crisis,” Disclose TV reported on Twitter. The development is good news for Trump supporters because it proves that former President Trump intends to ...

Trump reveals what he wrote to Biden before leaving the White House

U.S. 03/23/21, 16:29

Even though former President Donald Trump believes Biden is "bought and paid for" by China, he claims to have written him a long letter "from the heart" before leaving the White House. During a podcast published Monday by conservative pundit Lisa Boothe, Trump addressed the contents of the letter he sent ...

Kellyanne Conway signs multimillion-dollar Trump book deal

U.S. 03/19/21, 12:08

Kellyanne Conway, former President Trump's top political strategist, is alleged to have signed a multimillion-dollar book contract. "This one’s recipe is a little about her tough pillow talk with her husband, a little about growing up a growing family and a lot about Donald," according to Just The News. "What Women Really ...

Joe Biden wrongly calls Kamala Harris—his second in command ‘president’

U.S. 03/19/21, 03:45

A Democrat momentarily confused his second-in-command's job title with his own as he incorrectly announced that his subordinate controls the White House. President Joe Biden suffered a significant memory lapse while delivering a presidential update on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus on March 18. He appeared to forget he was ...

Gen. Flynn talks about why Democrats wanted him out of the White House

U.S. 03/15/21, 14:56

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn joined Pete Santilli on Sunday, March 14, to discuss the results of the 2020 elections. Flynn served as an intelligence officer for 33 years until President-elect Donald Trump appointed him to the position of national security adviser. Flynn was the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency ...

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