IRS approves tool to help low-income families claim up to $300 a month per child

U.S. 06/16/21, 00:58

America's national treasury and revenue service will let struggling households claim federal reimbursements more frequently. A new online tool will help low-income families receive the federal Child Tax Credit without having to wait until they file their tax return. The U.S. Treasury Department's and IRS's Non-filer Sign-up Tool promises to give eligible ...

President Trump awards Medal of Freedom to his loyal ally GOP Rep Jim Jordan

D.C. 01/11/21, 19:50

A Republican from Ohio won the nation's highest civilian honor after continuing to support the president and his policies. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom at a private ceremony at the White House on Jan. 11. President Donald Trump commended his long-standing supporter for playing a key ...

US Treasury takes first steps to avoid exceeding debt limit

Business 03/01/19, 15:40

The Treasury Department is taking the first steps to keep the government from exceeding the $22 trillion debt limit which goes back into effect on Saturday, setting off what will likely be months of battle in Congress on finding ways to avoid an unprecedented default on the national debt. Treasury said ...

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