Twitter and Facebook ignore the scandalous federal investigation of Hunter Biden

U.S. 12/11/20, 16:08

In the face of an ongoing federal investigation involving Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, in suspicious financial activity, the technology giants Twitter and Facebook continue to ignore the facts even as various media outlets are reporting. Since Wednesday Dec. 9, a Delaware state prosecutor has been conducting ...

‘This is not over,’ said Republican Rep Doug Collins

U.S. 11/07/20, 20:59

Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.), an unconditional ally of President Donald Trump, as was to be expected as well as other allies, gave his unconditional support to the administration by condemning the legacy media that gave the victory to the Democratic candidate Joe Biden without having the total of the votes ...

NBA prevents personalization of ‘FreeHongKong’ T-shirts in support of democracy

U.S. 07/14/20, 18:02

The National Basketball Association's (NBA) online store prohibited people from ordering customizable T-shirts with the phrase 'FreeHongKong' printed on the back to support the former British colony's democracy movements. As reported by the Daily Wire, sports commentator Clay Travis posted a video on Twitter showing that when he tried to name ...

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