Slim Democratic majority struggles to re-elect Nancy Pelosi as House speaker

U.S. 01/03/21, 20:04

An elected official just barely returned for a second term of ensuring the Democratic Party passes legislation in the House. Democrats struggled to use their slim majority in Congress to re-elect Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as House speaker. After losing 11 seats in the November election to the Republican Party, House Democrats ...

President Trump continuing to contest election result is ‘really sad’ and ’embarrassing’ says GOP Sen. Mitt Romney

2020 Campaign 12/21/20, 03:49

A controversial Republican senator strongly criticized his party leader’s refusal to concede defeat without a full investigation into the election. Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) called President Donald Trump's fighting spirit to do everything he can to win a second term a national disgrace. "I understand the president is casting about, trying to ...

Republicans who ‘humor’ President Trump’s election fraud claims have ‘no spines’ says Hillary Clinton

2020 Campaign 12/11/20, 02:55

A failed Democratic presidential candidate resorted to name-calling after discovering several GOP members are standing by the incumbent's bid to stay in office. Hillary Clinton attacked Republican Party members who support President Trump's efforts to overturn the November election outcome. "Trump continues to try to overturn the election at the expense of ...

Second ‘dump’ of 134,800 votes for Joe Biden is further proof of election fraud says President Trump

2020 Campaign 11/20/20, 02:25

New evidence has surfaced showing further election irregularities that support the Trump administration's concerns about the national voting system's integrity. President Donald Trump has released more proof to substantiate his allegation the Democratic Party resorted to election fraud to steal the presidential election. Individual time-stamped entries from Michigan show the president had ...

Disgraced former national security adviser John Bolton calls election fraud claims ‘baseless’ and ‘all blue smoke and mirrors’

2020 Campaign 11/16/20, 02:52

A disgruntled former adviser to the Trump administration slammed the Republican Party for challenging the outcome of the presidential election. Former U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton has ridiculed President Donald Trump simply because he is exercising his right to scrutinize the way votes were counted at the presidential election. "It is ...

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