‘Faith inspires hope,’ President Trump commemorates Religious Freedom Day

U.S. 01/18/21, 13:24

On Jan. 15, 2021, President Donald Trump issued a proclamation for Religious Freedom Day and highlighted its importance as a founding value of the United States and his commitment to expanding this right around the world as well as the administration's accomplishments in the religious arena. "Faith inspires hope. Deeply embedded ...

President Trump issues proclamation on Religious Freedom Day 2020

Washington 01/16/20, 08:06

President Trump issued a proclamation on  Religious Freedom Day, 2020 on Jan. 15, reaffirming the commitment to protecting the precious and fundamental right of religious freedom, both at home and abroad.  Religious Freedom Day has been officially set on Jan. 16, by the president of the United States since 1993.  In the ...

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