Republican lawmakers request meeting with Biden to discuss Cuba crisis

America 07/27/21, 17:51

Nineteen Republican lawmakers sent a letter to President Joe Biden to discuss the current situation in Cuba and urge the federal government to work together to curb the dictatorial communist regime that continues to exploit its citizens and has subjected them to extreme poverty for several decades.  House Republican Leader Kevin ...

Facebook responds to President Biden criticism: ‘The White House is looking for scapegoats for missing their vaccines goal’

News 07/18/21, 03:33

On Saturday, Facebook rebutted U.S. President Biden's claim that the social network site is "killing people" by letting disinformation about CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus (COVID–19) shots spread, claiming that the facts contradict Biden's claims. “They knew what they were doing. The White House is looking for scapegoats for missing their vaccine ...

Joe Biden Seeks to add Four More Years of Free Government Education

U.S. 07/08/21, 16:59

President Joe Biden is leading an initiative to impose four more years of free government education, including two years of preschool and two more years of higher education. However, critics point out that the underlying goal is to extend the time children are exposed to leftist and anti-American ideologies, which ...

Republicans demand an explanation from Biden for lifting Iran sanctions

Middle East 06/18/21, 15:59

Last week, on June 10, without consulting Congress, the Biden administration complied with Iran's demands and lifted sanctions on former Iranian officials and companies. Taking the pressure off the world's largest exporter of international terrorism. In this context, Republican congressmen demand details and explanations of the reasons that led to ...

Unlike Biden, world peace was always present in Trump’s presidency

Middle East 05/14/21, 16:22

In a statement this Tuesday, May 11, Donald Trump condemned Biden for being responsible for the escalating violence between Israel and Palestine. He insisted on the need for the US to support Israel for defending itself against Hamas terrorist attacks. In addition, he highlighted the difference between the current presidency ...

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